Friday, April 11, 2008


Hopefully these posts are viewable now that I broke them up.. sorry about that guys. '
Thanks Beka!=)
Ange and I had planned a surprise trip home for dad's belated birthday, which worked out great! While she was here, she had all of her wisdom teeth out. For the first 24 hours... life for her was around the clock pain meds, replenishing ice packs and in bed resting.
Dad had surgery a couple days later..... yeah! Needless to say, I was miss nurse here at home throughout those days. No complaints...for it was nice to have everyone home. What I mean by everyone was... that my surprise with Ange didn't stop there. I had planned for Ash to arrive home friday evening after classes. Both surprises pulled off successfully. =)
Here are just a few pictures of relaxing things we did. Most of the time, I just didnt use a camera, so there arent a large variety of pics.
Ange & I with some long sessions of scrapbooking. It's so involved to lug everything out and set up on the dining room table, so when I do, I try to make it worthwhile. Everything was set up for the week... while mom asked me every day to clean it up.=)

This is what happens when you're struggling with an idea for a page layout.


What is seen on this table isn't everything I own. Lack of space became the issue real quick.

The little men;)

Matthew and Christopher are 2 little boys that Ange and I have babysat for on multiple occassions while they lived 5 minutes from here. The end of last year, they decided to move to Latham to be closer to their family for permanent babysitters and to limit travel time when family helped out.

Matthew with Ange




Matthew and Christina
She was our backup when we couldn't watch them.


While we were all home, dad wanted to go to breakfast with the family.
I don't know what the big deal was, other that it being because it was Saturday morning, but I guess everyone had the same idea as us to go here for breakfast. There was such a LONG line waiting to be seated. People crammed inside and others clear out the door waiting.

Sunday, April 6, 2008


Well, the time came for Ange to head back to Cincinatti. Here we are before Ange went to get in the LONG line to wait to go through security. Time is short when you're having fun! It was so nice to have everyone together again=)

See you Soon Ange!!