Monday, June 14, 2010

A Recipe To Share

A portfolio piece I came across tonight, that had guidelines to follow from YEARS past. Apparently, I had created a recipe for "Famous Amos Specials" and thought I would share:
1 pound bag of sweet sizzling smiles
8 ounces of honesty
5 sugar cubes of love mentality
2 teaspoons of hunny sickle trusty pop
1 sprinkle of grated quietness
4 teaspoons of patient character
Get a medium sized bowl, heatable, and melt the sweet sizzling smiles. After melted, dump in the 8 ounces of honesty and stir in smoothly the trusty sickle pop until all t he bumps are out. Next, crush the sugar cubes of love mentality and put in a seperate bowl. In the first bowl, pour in the 4 teaspoons of patient character. Stir until it looks yummy. Put in the oven for about 15-20 minutes at 350 degrees. Lastly, after taking it out and before it cools, sprinkle on the sugar cubes from the second bowl along with the grated quietness. Your outcome should be something like Aimee : Loving, gentle, and a great listener. Serve until people get tired of you.


Each phase of life is a treasure to cherish. We try to not be clutterbugs, saving everything that comes our way, but there are just some things that can't be gotten rid of.
Cleaning out my closet, which was full of boxes and tubs for years, leads for reliving some cherished memories. It's amazing how much you can forget, until you come across items that rekindle the memory. It's amazing what you feel is important to keep, years past...and then becomes a difficult decision in the present, when trying to downsize.
Toys, collections of past interests, first Bibles, a box of letters from ALL your teen relationships with doodles and such, little dolls, embroidery supplies, etc. These, and so many more, have a place in my life, a place that will always be!
It's sad, when you think about all the time that has past, so quickly at that! A relative was mentioning just today at how long the days seem, but how short the years really are.
Cherish the memories, pick all the flowers you can on this road of life, and savor the moment.