Friday, March 15, 2013

My life in 3 pictures...

Sooooo... One might ask, what have I been doing these last several months? I can just see you eagerly sitting on your seats to know! ;-) These 3 pictures pretty much sums it up...:-)
"My Little Boy"
I have been teaming up with mom to help watch him while his mommy and daddy work/ go to school. I have thoroughly enjoyed every moment with him and watching him develop! My heart leaps each time I walk into a room and he catches sight of his Aunt, and giggles/jumps around. Love him so much<3 p="">
Up until recently, I had been working 12 hour shifts. Someone decided it would be great to take a picture of me, but not by my choice. I guess it at least proves that I had a job ;-)

And then.... planning for a large event. :-) Life has been very busy to say the least!


Friday, March 8, 2013

Christmas 2012

Yes, Im VERY behind in my blogging, but thought I would take a break from all Ive been doing to start SLOWLY updating :-)
These first 2 pictures are just a BIT sentimental to me and always will me! Its MY place, my very own FIRST place... and my last winter season living here. Ive taken pride in my little apartment with my very own tastes and styles! Ive built great memories here... and have learned so much about life and independance. I wouldnt trade this time in my life for anything. It's been a wonderful time!!

This past Christmas season, I decided to host. We had plans for the whole day. A wonderful spead of a meal with the help of mom's touch ;-) that was absolutely delicious. I helped, of course, but ya know, a mother's touch makes ALL the difference. Thank you mom for ALL your help.
Some, or one tried to challenge the Christmas Story through memorization, but got caught up a few times;-) Then, we spent some time opening gifts from each other. This has always been a memorable time for us. We have our own family routine or tradition in how they are passed out. Love to see the excitement on faces when they recieve something that they were just HOPING to get.
Later in the evening, we went to The Grandparents for homemade pizza and snacks with other relatives!


Love my sisters! They both hold such a dear spot in my heart!

Little Matthew's first Christmas... and he was just SPOILED ROTTEN. No surprise there though;-)
He has gotten soooo big, so quickly. I love his little personality that has started to devolop. All of his little quirks that he has. I love his giggles, and excitement on his face as someone he loves walks into the room. He seems to love the surprise of people coming to see him.
He was so excited to open up gifts, but got tired rather quickly being surrounded by SOOOO many just for him ;-) Mommy & Daddy had to help out some!

Dad saying Grace prior to the meal... and mom thinking or misbehaving during prayer & I caught it. :-)

Love my Family dearly..