Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bible Study Birthdays..

The month of July holds 3 birthdays within our group, but seeing that we never celebrate ANYONEs birthday, I decided to "celebrate" all birthdays together with cupcakes & lit candles. My dear friend, Liz made some icecream cake which was absolutely delicious, and my sister made some chex party bars:)

Same pic, just Liz and I switched out to take the picture:)

Wonderful friends..
I was so excited to have this night turn out so smoothly, until
SOMEONE/the group pulled something over on me. I am usually the one to initiate the surprises, so this just wasnt right! From the group, I was given a nice picture frame, a Yankee candle named "Home Sweet Home," and a gift card to one of my FAVORITE stores, Bed Bath & Beyond. I was nearly speechless... due to the surprise. Thanks again to all for a good night.

Friday, July 16, 2010


A precious family stopped by on their way up north!



This visit happened to be a bit different for everyone though. As exciting & fun these moments were, there was someone very special that was missing! My Uncle Earl. He's gone to be with Jesus, where there is no pain or suffering anymore. As his dear family tries to carry on, Im sure he was looking down on everyone, and was there in spirit.
This precious photo below has gripped my heart, for his little girl knows who her Daddy is. She's been working on crawling/walking with assistance, and as I was watching her this afternoon, she managed to walk along the coffee table and grab her Daddy's picture to hold and look at.
I'm proud to call you family :)

Monday, July 12, 2010

Let's Play Catchup...

Life has a way of reminding us to take some deep breaths & focus...
Many of us are a bit sensitive when it comes to birthdays and getting older, and this year just happened to be this way for me. Life was taking on a whole new meaning, and the idea of being "over the hump" of my 20's was a bit difficult to handle.
It was a wonderful time with family though, and in so many ways they helped smooth things over to better help me to cope!
That next week, started our Conference Zone camp for 10 days.
The services were very rich and just what was needed.
More memories created & filed into my life.

My dear sister had a birthday, which she also was in denial about getting older.
This year must be the year for such things...

An amazing friend came for a visit for a couple days and a wonderful time was had.

Fireworks... fun times.
.......And for those of you on the lookout for some peaks into my new life... here are a couple snap shots, to get you started :)