Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Often, I find that I am captivated by children and wonder what they REALLY think about with their young minds, what makes them do silly things, say silly phrases..etc? Obviously, its all about their developmental stages and what they absorb within their enviroment. To them, this is their normal..and all that they know! Then I remind myself that I once was little, likely doing very similar, silly things too. I wonder what I thought about during MY "very young & what seemed like LONG days." What did people think of me when I did whatever I did? I find that I am almost embarrassed at times to REALLY think about it; my developmental stages of life... and immaturity, but remind myself that we ALL go through it. I'd like to think I was always mature for my age, regardless of how young..:)


Sometimes, just for the fun of it.. I WISH I could go back to those days.. and feel like Im living in a little body again, to really remember what it was like.. but, unfortunately I can't. Instead, it's all a distant fade....as time flies and the days not so long anymore. The moments/memories that I do remember, I cherish! I HOPE to share with my children ( when/if ever my time comes) some of these special times, and relive some of these moments, as they develop!

We were full of imagination/creativity, mischief, wanting to be loved & nurtured during this ever trying period of time. We were innocent in what life really had to offer... and most times, as we got older, found we thought we had all the answers. The rules set for us from a youthful perspective, just seemed so crazy and outlandish.. at times.
Childhood, is a beautiful stage, even though we may not always remember "exactly" what our little worlds were like... but there comes a time, in which this stage starts to change.. Some small changes, some big changes.. (our likes/dislikes, attitude, etc) and we realize we are taking on a new adventure about finding ourselves, who we are as individuals and what we might want to become. How was life going to unfold? Who would be those key people that would help you excel, that would have the biggest impact on your life..? All these and so many more questions that boggled the now, more developed mind.
Looking back over the many years... it's hard to believe just where I am today, how I found the path laid out for me. We were never promised a clear cut life.. where we always knew the next step.. but we were given many tools to help us along.
I have been priviledged to have so many special people who love/d and care/d unconditionally, who supported me in my happy times, and well my difficult times too. I am truly a blessed person to be where I am today and have ALL that I have.

Having a supportive family, "true" friends..(which, unfortunately not all can say they have,) being blessed with a job that you can enjoy most days :) Showing compassion for those less fortunate than yourself , Good health, etc. are all blessings I have found and lean hard on, as I carry on life. To love & be loved is a beautiful thing.. It makes all the difference in life!
I look forward to what life has to offer.