Thursday, May 21, 2015

Today's the day :-)

Today is the day that I reach out and take on an opportunity that was given to me... 
One never grows without going out of their comfort zones, and as nervous as I am, I am willing to do just that! Life has so much to offer, but you will never know just what, if you aren't willing to go for it! I'm looking forward to first and foremost meeting up with my love in the "City of Love," and then taking on these countries we have chosen together! 

Here we come, Europe! 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The day before...

The DAY BEFORE has finally arrived.. 

I find that I'm nearly pinching myself when I think about the adventure I'm about to embark on...
Each passing moment brings on more of the nerves, but also pure excitement...For me, it's just crazy to think about. 

This WILL be a great adventure and a good learning experience for me! :-) Im frequently reminding myself of this... I have taken the advice of Rach to get a travel journal for this trip in particular. Growing up, I always had journals of sorts, more of ones that I shared between friends! I would have a notebook/journal for 1 week and give it up the next week! We wrote all that we wished to, whether about boy crushes we were having, "secret" conversations.. that clearly weren't that secret when written in a plain notebook, but ya know we thought they were! :-) I then felt really cool when I'd be able to get those lock and key journals, ya know the ones that you hardly needed the key to open the poor thing? Yea, those! So, I've had a few journals in my day.. and have in times past enjoyed opening them up to see just what was written back then.. what crushes or conversations were had with friends, whether in church or at camp.. Yup, I did that too. I fooled around in church :-/  I have a small notebook that primarily Tina and I had at Victory Grove Camp back in 2000/2001 when THE Montgomery family came into the picture for me :-) Yup, those were some good memories too, and I'm so glad to still have that notebook. They provide some good keepsakes. 

I have since then, the past several years, made digital entries off and on more of the fun times and activities that Tim and I have had so that we can look back and see just all that we have done together. For this trip though, after Rach mentioned about doing a journal, I thought a digital entry being saved in a file just might not cut it this time around. When I came across this travel journal with the magnetic cover.. I was sold! Just early this morning, I wrote my first entry.. and found it very fun and relaxing to do. Looking forward to capturing my thoughts, feelings and adventures over these next couple weeks in this "secure" magnetic journal. haha! I'm clearly not worried about the secure part. 

So, today I thought with things winding down... I needed some comfort food to get me through the day :-) Every gal needs her comfort food every once in a while! ;-) 

Pieology & 85 Degrees "Sea Salt Iced Coffee" it was! 

It was great! Ya, see.. I just found out about 85 Degrees less than 2 months ago, and if it weren't for being so invested in Starbucks with their Gold card and such... I probably would go to this coffee place a bit more! I guess for right now, I will just consider it a treat when I do have it :-)
And, no... I didnt have the full pizza in one setting. :-) I will have it in 2 though! ;-) It looks bigger than it really is.

So, now I better get back to finalizing the packing and binder with all itinerary, tickets, maps etc
and then finishing up the last minute laundry, mopping, vacuuming, scrubbing, and dusting, so that when we come back with little to no energy to do much.. we can just throw our things down, and not feel overwhelmed! 

I have this.