Sunday, July 12, 2009

It's been forever, I know...

It seems like it's been forever since I last have updated, even though its only been about a month. =) So much has gone on, but will not share pictures nor give details on most things.
This June, I celebrated my 25th birthday and when I think about it all, I cant believe how much time has flown by so quickly. I have begun to realize just how precious time is and how important it is to make the most of it.

This was a gift from Auntie and Uncle that I absolutely fell in love with. It's a lighthouse candle warmer that I plan to get lots of use out of=)

I'm always looking to do things that I have either never done before or things that have not been done for several years. Plans were made to go the the Herkimer Diamond Mine for the day. My first experience was about 2nd or 3rd grade, which didnt turn out that great... sparing some details. Returning to this place, brought back some memories and also some new ones.. The place had changed a great deal with more deveolpments and much to offer. Much to my suprise.. the place was very populated with people eagerly pounding away to find their treasures. It was always interesting to look across the place and see people that had just come across something amazing. When times get discouraging and you arent finding a lot, seeing someone with success just reminds you that they are out there. It takes work and time... and in the end, even if you dont find anything real great, you know you've created another memory.

Most years growing up, we would peer out our back windows due to having such a good view of the Albany area to watch the yearly fireworks. All the while, I still had longed to see them for myself at launch off. My very first experience was a night during camp that Becky, Kevin, Leah, Tim and myself left for the evening years ago and enjoyed a wonderful presentation. Im sure I was in awww the whole time. =) Anyways, it wasnt until this year that I was able to go to Albany again, and this time was litterly under them. The place was crowded, so much that you could hardly move through people. Absolutely AWESOME! What a way to end a July 4th celebration.

I love theme parks.. especially their roller coasters and any new rides. Dad had been given coupons for the theme parks, some of which were buy one get one free, and others for $7.00 off per person. Leaving things up to me, I brought the buy one get one free ones, thinking this would be the best deal for the day... and about the time we pulled into park, I happened to pull out those coupons and read them, only to find out that the coupons were for the NJ park. We still attempted to use them.. without success though=) and at the last moment was given a $5.00 off coupon from the people in front of us. Anything off is better than nothing, but a buy one get one free coupon far exceeds $7.00 off. All in all, much fun was had. Several days later, I happened to look at the other coupons only to find that the $7.00 ones were actually for Great Escape.

And, for the final pictures for the night.. we have Ange's 23rd birthday.
Happy Birthday Ange!

Sibling shots...

Im really going to miss her....

Now, most of my gift hadnt been delivered yet, so in place of it.. I put together this to represent the gifts that were on their way. Ange and I have always rotated MY scrub tops and since she wont be able to do this anymore, she was in need of her own.. The picture shows 4 of them that should be in the mail for her. Without embarrassing her too much, she had a favorite scrub top of mine.. so I decided to wrap it up and give it to her. I placed a little note stating, " So you dont ever forget the many times I've shared, I though I'd give you one to forever keep." At this point, I knew just how much it meant as we ended up all being overcome in tears.
I am truly going to miss doing everything with Ange... but as life unfolds, we need to do what is felt best for ourselves.
Underneath the scrub tops are stickers of road signs to represent a GPS that she has been wanting for some time now.