Thursday, October 15, 2015

Missing you so....

I was blessed to have known & loved you, Rumple..

I remember the day when Mom was totally against EVER having a pet. She didn't want anything to do with the potential scents in her home of being a pet owner, nor the shedding of fur throughout. You would have thought she would never waiver in her decision... until it happened. We were asked to watch you for a short period of time by the Wells and then were given the opportunity to keep you! After some brief hesitation, Mom gave in! Ya know what, it took all of 5 minutes to win Mom's heart over. Rumple, you became mom's little pride and joy for a pet and we, sisters were overjoyed to call you ours too. We even joked at times calling you our brother we never had. Our childhood was definitely enriched with fun, precious memories of you. 

You were the most well behaved dog anyone could ask for. You also knew how to shake "friends", sit, go fetch, say please, etc. You knew how to dance.. whether it was because you saw & smelt some delicious food that one of us had to eat, had to "go outside", or heard one of us driving in the driveway. It was always nice to know you were waiting for your family to get home, the ones you loved and who also loved you very much. We were never alone with you around. You made sure you knew where each of us were, as you traveled through each of the rooms. You ALWAYS knew when one was sad and needed comfort or uplifting, didn't feel well, or was alone at home. Yup, you would be right there cuddling up next to us! We felt safe with you and enjoyed your company. We knew you would even keep our secrets, as I am sure we told you a ton! Sometimes we just needed to vent. You listened just the way we needed you to..

(Comforting Mom after her surgery)

Do I smell a burrito?

When there were any celebrations, with gifts involved, you wanted to nuzzle your nose and teeth into the gifts to open them for us. You were successful on many occasions! It was always fun to watch you. We always had a stocking at Christmas filled with snacks and toys just for you. We loved the excitement in knowing you knew it was for you. There were times mom would have the stockings down from the fireplace and on the couch, and you made it your responsibility to get up next to them and "watch" them all.. just in case someone were to snatch yours ;-)

I'm watching you... 

 You don't believe me, now do you? Just try it!

 We loved to watch you open your stocking! We gave you your own special time!

Helping Dad open his birthday gifts!

You loved to be outside with your dog friends. As soon as you sensed or "sniffed" that they were out or heard their barks, we would find you wanting to go outside and head over the hill.. Sometimes, we would even see you looking back over your shoulder to see if we were watching you go.. I'd hear your "barking" conversations and always wondered what you were saying. You loved to christen all the trees on the property when you had to "go." You loved to chase the birds and the squirrels when you could. Unfortunately, I can't say you crept up on them quietly enough. It was ok though, as I didnt want to see the innocent taken. It was fun watching you play. You chased us all over, never seeing you tire until you got back inside! We would find you, after getting a 45 second drink, checking everyone's status'and whereabouts out and then rolling over on your back and falling asleep in seconds. We listened to you snore and dream on many occasions. Sometimes we would have to shake you to stop or wake up! 

Rumple, you were so easily played with and teased. I can't say some of the teasing was the nicest in some ways, but it sure provided great entertainment to us all. I had found out about the idea to wrap your paws in aluminum foil, securing them with light rubber bands or something similar. We watched you try to walk. It was the funniest thing to watch. You looked like a drunk dog with feet sliding and the coordination to them nearly gone. We only did that a couple times before I started to feel real guilty for doing it. We also loved to put a small amount of peanut butter to the roof of your mouth and watch you try to eat it. I know, I know... we were terrible, but you were such a great sport about it. We loved to dress you in different outfits over the years, and most times you didn't seem overly fond of it. Within a short period of time, you were trying to wiggle your way out, and in your own ways asking for help!

Rumple, we loved when you smelled nice and clean, so we gave you baths frequently. Unfortunately, you hated them.. You would be having fun and seem full of energy, but as soon as we said, "Alright, Rumple! It's bath time!" You would stop dead in your tracks, put your breaks on and your head down. Once in the tub, you made sure to keep your nose up on the edge in fear of us drowning you or something. Who knows?! You loved to be cradled in a towel for several minutes after your bath, and when you felt you were ready, you'd push away from our arms and jumped down to the carpet to roll and rub your body dry, before a final shake. You became a happy puppy and full of energy again running in circles throughout the house. Sometimes, we would try to chase you around the dining room table, but you were always smart enough to turn around at just the right time. 

You loved to go for rides and walks. When we would ask you if you wanted to go for a ride, there was no doubt in our minds that you wanted to go! You instantly shook your body so intensely and danced around us until we walked out the door. You made sure you were the first one out too in fear of being left behind. You always got nervous when you saw any one of us packing a suitcase and taking it to the door. We always told you that you could go along too. You made many trips to visit the relatives in Lake Placid with us. If we weren't quite ready to leave yet, you made sure you stayed near us. If you thought we took a bit too long to leave, you wouldn't hesitate in giving that excited shake again making sure we knew that we told you you could go along. As soon as you were in the vehicle, you would act like you were biting at and licking the window and everything outside. You wanted the window down, so you could "bite" at the air. The thing was, you were never a biter, so I dont know what you thought the air was going to do to you. There were many times that I would deliberately put my finger in your mouth as you would nip at something, and you instantly would become gentle, never latching down, but would start licking. There was never a mean bone in your body, unless a child became a bit rough with you. Of course, the child thought they were just playing, but you hadn't had time to figure them out yet. Most times, you actually were great with strangers, making your rounds with sniffs... scouting out the area. Once everything was safe in your mind, you found your family to be around.

Matty loved you, and always took a special interest in you. It was his responsibility to fill your dog bowl when it got low, and I know you appreciated it. He loved to lay down on the floor next to you and pet you. He always talked about you to me on the phone when I couldn't be there in person! I am so glad you both were able to meet and be friends.

Christmas time definitely proved to be a time full of photos, family photos. We got one every year with you! You were a special part of our family. Thank you for loving us like you did!

Christmas 2014! Our last one with you. :-(
This upcoming Christmas will be very hard, and many more that may come along. I know one thing for sure... Our family photos will never be the same without you.

Life with you, Rumple, was never dull. You filled our home with fun times, loving memories, and a life of happiness. Sometimes, just to spend those youthful years with you, I wished to go back in time for a little bit. It's been hard to see you become older and slow down. We began to wish we could see you do certain things again - to run and play like you had, to meet us at the door with a dance, to go up the stairs. We wished you could hear us tell you we loved you, or respond to your name when we called. So many things we wished... and that was the hard part.

Our lives were changed when you came to us.. and clearly haven't been the same since you left. My heart has been heavy all week knowing you are gone! You were our friend, a special part of our family and will forever be missed. 

I Love you, Rumple & forever will!