Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A friend from the east...


It meant so much to have a friend from back east come to visit us! Here are just a few random of MANY shots that were taken of her week here!

We had fun making dirt cake, and originally thought it might be fun for an almost 2 year old, but in the end found it more fun doing it together!

We picnicked in a park called Liberty Station.

 Jacob was actually a bit scared of the slide for some reason, so I climbed up and took him down a few times..

Just some unique bottle brush flowers on the walk along the bay and Jacob thought so too!

This is the Cabrillo Monument at the point of Point Loma. 
This was where the first expedition was of Cabrillo and his men, which later became known of as the west coast of the USA. Going to this location would provide anyone with a spectacular view of the city & ocean!

A light house is also present there with a small museum of the lighthouse keepers headquarters/stay.

A Blue whale's spine and a painting of what would be a typical size for one.

We took the trolley all throughout the city and stopped at several locations for her to see:-) 

A unique flower they have out here that Renae loved!

On the trolley

This one was so funny. Jacob had decided he needed a nap while in the stroller, so he took one. Renae, has felt this would be a once in a lifetime trip for him likely and wanted him in as many pictures as he could, so she decided to remove him from the stroller and place him there.. he sat there about falling over in several of the shots we got. This one is in Balboa park..

We went to the ZOO...
These are MASSIVE turtles!!

Outside of seaport village, this statue is located and has been talked about for years! 
The sailor and the nurse :-) Unfortunately, just a couple weeks ago the sailor that is to be represented there passed away. 

Renae wanted to see some dolphins, as she LOVES them.. the closest option we had was to take a whale watching cruise (3 1/2 hours) to get several miles into the ocean to see whales and some dolphins.. We saw whales, and someone on the other side of the cruise ship saw a dolphin, but we didnt!

Jacob against mommy's lap sporting his sunglasses.

She wanted to also visit the beach to put her feet in. Jacob had a blast playing in the water!

And lastly, a picture shortly before leaving to head to the airport.
We had a great time together!

Thank you so much for coming to see us!



Our first camping trip of this year
with our new replacement backpacks & tent, since being stolen!

Couldn't help but take a shot of our new hydration packs in use either! We love them, Ange & Steve!

And our bottle insulators! We had several new items and were very excited to use them!

These are some shots along a hike we took.. as we climbed a mountain in the area.

This is a "zoomed in" (haha) shot of a army base we found while on top of the mountain we climbed.

....And, the zoomed out shot. 
We used binoculars to "spy" on the guys on base walking around and driving their vehicles.
Very interesting.

We try to be very particular in what types of meals we bring with us to eat. We try to package everything in freezer bags that require limited cooking/ heating. This is a Black bean, corn salsa chicken meal that I cooked in the crockpot the previous day before bagging to put over rice!

Here I am sporting my headlamp that I got for Christmas! 
Thanks a bunch mom!