Thursday, January 29, 2015

Such fun...

:-) :-) :-)

It has been a dream to have a 2nd room for our project room, and now we HAVE it :-)
We spend so much of our time in the evenings in here working on our hobbies! I decided to share some of these shots again all because of a NEW item I got last weekend, which helps tie it together!
I know Leah & I have chatted about storage cubes and finding just the right ones for my corner! I've gone back and forth between green, orange, or green & orange! I really would have preferred originally to alternate the colors with the cubes to tie in the photo, but I was having a hard time even finding the right shades (or something similar) that I felt I could deal with. I know they say that it isnt necessary to have the SAME color, but different hues of that color.. Most of the cubes in green were more of a true green and that's not at all what I wanted. I would read reviews of products I thought might be what I was looking for and even in reviews they were warning about the color difference, so I thought maybe orange would be a safer bet seeing I already had a few "hues of green." :-)

I love these orange storage cubes! They are very sturdy, have nice handles and also lids to help hide even the slightest of items! I have sense been working on trying to organize all of my items... thus the reason for a "not so updated shot!" :-) Between organizing and actually crafting.. well, you know ;-)

Now THIS has also played into my fun moments in my craft corner! I have been eyeing this Sizzix machine for some time now, and hoped to be able to get one soon! Some of my family gave me gift cards to put towards this at Christmas! I have since been watching the sales and was able to take advantage of a GREAT one! I'm telling you, they didn't play their marketing games right on this one! I would have thought they were smarter than myself, but I seemed to play the game just right! Makes it that much more worthwhile! :-)

Several of you helped contribute to my Sizzix wants this year and so I received  some pretty fun gifts! Not at all saying that all my other gifts weren't fun, either! I loved all of them:-) 
I have been trying to figure out how best to organize them all, and not have all these smaller plastic cases that all the individual pieces would just get thrown into and then have to fish out when needed. I went to pinterest and watched you tube videos on certain products and was able to get some great ideas! I purchased a "We Are Memory Keepers" Binder ( thanks to Becky's gift card :-)  ), as most of the fillers for the binders and sizes Id need for my embossing folders, framelits etc were recommending 12''x12''s! Standard binders are NOT anywhere's close to that! Actually the binders that seem to fit the 12''x12''s are more the size of 15'' x 13'', so its more of a specialty binder! :-) (I know you all know this too...)

 I ultimately need to get some other specific sizes of protective sheets for my other larger embossing folders etc, but this is a start ":-)

This was one of the you tube/ pinterest ideas for my Sizzix framelits! 
This has been an absolute lifesaver and I find it provides for some neat organization too!!

VENT COVERS at home depot for less than $5.00!!! 

I know none of you are into sizzix items, but if ever you need some magnetic force with some larger area, keep these in mind! They work wonders, and after slipping them into a filler protective page.. it adds that much more protection and organization!

Looking forward to growing my collection of sizzix products and expanding my creativity, as I learn more about this machine and all that it can do!! :-)