Thursday, April 23, 2009

Randomness & Tires

We rely on vehicles so much to get us around, but when something goes wrong...we're in a pickle. Recently, tires have been the issue with the vehicles we have. The beginning of last week, I believe, we come out to use my car and find my front driver tire litterly down to the rim. I couldn't believe it, seeing for three years that Ive had the car, I hadn't any trouble. 3 years is a decent amount of time, but that is besides the point. We get the compresser out from my trunk and as mom connects it to the lighter, the fuse to the radio, cd player and clock blows. Perfect, I thought - sarcastically. If it's not one thing, its another... I know mom felt horrible, but a little peace and quiet does anyone good sometimes. =) Tire gets pumped with another vehicle's help, and off to walmart it goes to have the valve stem replaced.
Thursday, Ange and I come out at 2330 from work (suprisingly on time, refering to me- that is) to find Ange's front driver tire now flat to the rim. I thought, you got to be kidding me- not again, this time with her vehicle. I just happened to have my AAA card with me, but the silly thing about it was.. I felt horrible calling at midnight to have someone come to help. I tried to convince Ange just to wait until morning before calling, when it'd be much brighter, people around versus an empty parking lot, and have mom just come pick us up... but she wouldnt go for that, so I actually made her call and pretend it was me. I know, Im horrible. =-/
Then, last Saturday, there was a get together up at Bowmans for the afternoon, and because it just happened to land on my weekend off, I decided to venture back on those windy roads with my GPS. Let me just say that if it werent for the GPS, I wouldnt have gotten there, Im sure. Trish said that it was about 3 roads etc.. and it seemed more like 25 roads the way GPS took me.
So, I pull up to the house, park and as I shut the door and walk back towards the rear driver tire, all I could hear was "SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS", bent down low to see exactly where it was coming from, and sure enough, another tire's valve stem had gone bad. My trip back home was even more adventuresome. I, along with some others, had concluded that my tire should stay up enough to get home, so I set the GPS and headed off... About half way home, somehow my finger happened to touch the GPS and randomly change my destination. When I got to what was said the destination, I pulled off and was like, "um, WHAT???" Trying to reset it, was even more of a battle.. for it kept telling me to get back on the road to recalculate, and when I did, nothing would change. I pulled off probably 4-5 times in random spots, one being a random driveway for about 5 min.. until I heard all this honking/beeping behind me. As I looked, there were people waitng to get in THAT very driveway for who knows how long. Needless, to say.. I was lost with the GPS and without it too. All the while thinking.. this was not a time to have tire issues.
So, after some handy superglue and a rock keeping the valve stem in place for a time.. I finally went back to walmart and chose to have 4 brand new tires put on. Now, there better not be anymore tire issues for a LONG time.

So, after being cut today.. I had hoped to finally get a chance to stain my new closet doors, since I just recently, with the help of mom, moved all the boxes back into my room, where I couldnt in the slightest bit see them fitting. Mothers just have that organizational touch and pieced everthing in my closet nicely. THANK YOU MOM. Due to the cold, windy weather.. this project will once again be put on hold... til tomorrow (as it's my day off) and hoping that it brings nice warm weather.

And then, here's a little peak at something I bought recently. I love these!
If you can imagine shells at the base of the candles.. thats how they are now.
And as I was going through my SD card, I thought I mine as well post a few of these from one of our recent CDCF meetings.

Yes, Jon.. this is what you get when you dont cooperate with pictures.
Your wife didnt train you right...hahah!
Gottcha !

It was so nice to have Ange with us, as she can't be with us that
often due to work schedules.

Liz, we miss you too.. come back soon & bring the little one along.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

My very first...

As much as there are lighthouses all over the country, it wasn't until this week that I had an opportunity to see my VERY first lighthouse in real life=) Looking out across the water, I had wanted to just freeze that moment in life. What a gorgous day to take in such a time.

Truly special.