Thursday, August 27, 2009

Wallet Excitement

The statement, " You go through _____ like it's water" fits me with wallets.
For whatever the reason, my wallets seem to bulge at the seams ( not necessarily due to loads of money either), but I find I have many cards- credit cards, licenses, other photo IDs, library cards, store discount cards, and SS card. Then there is scrap paper I've jotted home addresses of people I've obtained, and hadnt gotten around to putting in my blackberry or pocket PC, fortune cookie sayings etc etc. I think you get the drift. It's just one of those daily routines of struggling to snap my wallet, but dont get me wrong.. Im far from being a clutter box. I like things organized, as mom points out evey once in a while that all my cards need to be in order, and all my $ bills have to be facing the same direction and neat! It's a big pet peeve of mine otherwise. So, anyways... I find wallets getting cycled frequently.
Not to bore anyone with pictures of a few wallets I've posted, it just shows in the last little bit, I'm on my 3rd one!

Bulging for sure...:)
Then, last school year, my youngest sister made a trip to NYC and among the many sidewalk shops, she brought home 3 coach wrist wallets, which I grew to love. Easy access to get to money and cards, all in one wallet sleeve, but again once the bulging started, I found I was having difficulty zippering it shut. One day recently, I had been traveling and had to go through a toll booth, having stopped for something to eat etc, I attempted to open the wallet and found myself struggling to get it open. Yanking and pulling led to the zipper wrist strap snapping and the wallet still sealed shut. Instantly, I became overwelmed wondering how I was going to get home without having money to go through the toll booths, and then I decided to just rip open the zipper, which wasnt on it's track to begin with.. leaving me without another wallet.
Im always saddened when a gift from someone breaks, especially someone that is near and dear to me. I thought about how she would feel when she found out, after spending her own money to do something special for us, as she had been SOO excited to bring them home to begin with. Unfortunately, some good things have to be put to rest.

THEN, this evening, a dear friend of mine and I had a shopping outing. Mind you, I truly felt like I needed this time away, time to leisurely walk the mall, in and out of stores, taking in all the merchandise the stores had to promote. It seems like it's been forever since I have really taken the time to do that. We run to a store, here and there for much needed items, but to truly enjoy time shopping, has been few and far between for me recently. (A side note: Those of you who know me, know how long it takes to make a decision, especially when I'm intending to buy something. My poor sisters hate card shopping, etc with me because I could be there for hours looking at cards:) Anyways, we head into our first store of the night, and within 5 minutes found ourselves in the wallet/ purse section as I knew I was in desperate need of another one. Within moments, my eye caught a wallet I absolutely loved... (AND another side note, when I've neglected shopping time for Aimee for a long time, and then find something I absolutely love, most times, I dont care what the price is...I'm liable to buy it. Im not one to go out and spend hundred's of dollars on myself, dont get me wrong.. but something like a wallet can't be too awful much. So, I see a sale sign that says " Buy one and get one 50% off" but couldnt even find a price of the wallet itself. We walked over to a price scanner in the store and it rang up $30.00. It didnt take too much to convince me to buy it. I felt I needed to treat myself after such a stressful week, so didnt care! At time to cash out... the cashier took the wallet out of the box it came in, looking for a price tag and scanned the barcode found inside. To my suprise, it rang up $8.99. As some poeple may not agree with me, I quickly commented about the price I recieved from the store scanner- wanting to be honest about my sale. The cashier discussed this with another cashier, and I also explained my findings to her. She looked at him and said.. give it to her for that price. I was soo elated with joy, I could hardly contain myself.. As much as I absolutely loved my decision, regardless of the price, I was even more impressed paying less than 10.00. :)
My Buxton wallet made me feel like a little kid again:)

Here, there is room for 10 Cards, and 7 other options
for ID cards etc behind hard plastic.

And, in the end I was told that I was very impressive tonight to make a decision in such a short amount of time. Throughout the rest of my evening, I couldnt stop talking about it:)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Saturday, August 8, 2009


Cincinatti here I just a few short weeks!
I've missed Ange since she's left.. and looking forward to seeing her soon.


Thursday, August 6, 2009

Far behind..

Reminiscing with some recent pictures.... I've been meaning to post some of the many that I took the last weekend before Ange left, but just getting around to it now. I dont know if it's just that I was having a hard time looking at these, and feeling emotional all over again of the moments we cherished or what.. even though a few short weeks have passed since this time, I still miss her so much... Looking forward to my trip to Cinci soon!


They never fail to be creative and fun when out to dinner! Just dont get on their bad sides, for Im not sure what they would do.
Sunday afternoon, after church we grabbed seveal snapshots of us sisters....which I will forever cherish.

Now, this pose was close to being the exact same pose 2 years ago, probably before she had left for GBS. She wanted another one just like it. In some variations of some others of this pose, she thought she was being cute by giving me antlers and sticking her tongue out..
I've always heard talk about this place... but never had been there and when I heard I was actually going to get an opportunity to go, I was estatic on the inside. It was such a beautiful day out and a wonderful time was had.

This was our lunch cruise boat..

Their landscape was absolutely beautiful...