Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Some Summer fun!

Summer has been so much fun, as we have tried to cram several things in. We were blessed to have some family come out to see us on 2 different occasions also! These pictures are strictly from my cell phone, as I haven't gotten around to uploading the hundreds of others I have taken. :-) Thought I would give a little sneak peek at some of our summer enjoyment, but it doesn't capture near ALL that we have done!
First off, cant forget some birthday celebration.. I found this M&M cookie cake recipe I thought I would try to represent Tim's day. Ultimately, the recipe was a bit sweeter than even my liking (which has got to be pretty sweet). It's the thought that counts anyways!

 We LOVE to picnic and have found some great places to do just that. Sitting along the bay
and enjoying a light breeze was just so relaxing! 


Ive heard about and seen pictures of people biking, rollerblading, walking, running etc along the ocean, and I just thought it would be the coolest thing to do. We decided to rent some bikes and rode for about 3 hours ALL over! We rode along the ocean/ bays, VERY expensive rental/vacation homes, in town etc. We had the time of our lives... Now if only we had the space to ACTUALLY own bikes.. oh the fun we'd have!


On one of our many trips to a sporting goods store, we find this MASSIVE camping chair! We thought this might be perfect on our camping trips. :-) If only we had someone to LUG it for us!
Mom came to visit the end of August and we filled her time with tons of fun things! She loved the cruise and being able to see sooo much out on the water. It was such a beautiful and very warm day!

We visited Old town and all the quaint shops and buildings, along with taking a trolley ride that allowed us to get off at highlighted spots in San diego to explore and see more of! That was also such a fun time! Mom visited her first outdoor mall (which she loved), Balboa park and all it's beauty, etc

In the evenings different times, we would head down to relax near the glass fire pit. One night we thought we might try to roast marshmallows, which ultimately didn't work out, so we took them inside and made the best of it in the microwave! 

 Mom loved the breakers.. and so do we! We have several times gone just to relax and take in the waves that would crash against the rocks!

 We tried to catch as many sunsets as possible, as most times they are breathtaking...
 And enjoyed some evening fireworks too!

When Ange and Steve came to visit, they wanted to take a trip to Joshua Tree National Park and camp/hike in the dessert besides the Joshua Trees. The park was SOOO unique and enjoyable! Several areas of rock formations to climb and paths to hike. What a HOT day though, as we guzzled tons of water!

 On the way to the park, there were MASSIVE amounts of wind farms! Loved observing them all as we rode along side of them!

Prior to the sis and brother-in-law leaving, we celebrated Steve's birthday! I think he was a bit surprised that we pulled it off without him knowing. Ange and I worked very quickly to put together his dirt cake while Tim & Steve returned some camping gear that morning! 

We all had such a fun time together and sad that it had to end soo soon! 
Already looking forward to that time when you guys can come back!