Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Tis the Christmas Season..

Tis the Christmas Season again :-)

It seems like just a short time ago, we were preparing for our very first Christmas together as a married couple, and find it hard to believe that another year has come and is about gone.. bringing us to our 2nd!
This year was full of so many fun trips, exciting events and so many memories that I will forever cherish! I DO still plan on trying to blog about them/or most of them when everything FINALLY settles down. It's on my mental to-do list nearly everyday :-)

Since our move, we have so enjoyed redecorating and have several more plans for cool ideas :-)
Most of "those" projects haven't even happened yet, but Im looking forward to when we are able to do them! I imagine some snapshots in the future.. ;-)

We decided last year that we would create this tradition to set up our tree the day after Thanksgiving each year... and it had already been a time we were looking forward to... weeks before. :-)  I so enjoy sitting in the evening with very few lights, if any on... and watching/looking at the tree.. with a few Cinnamon Apple candles flickering and the aromas filling our place. I love when my husband comes home from a long day at work and comments about how festive it looks and how our place smells so good. :-) As I sit in the quiet.. I cant help but think about how blessed I am this season and every season for that matter. :-) 

The night we retrieved our tree from storage, we also brought some other Christmas decorations that I had originally to add to our place this season! With so many things on my mind and trying to get everything together and ready for our trip home... these decorations have been falling to the back burner.. Yesterday, I started to get them out... Just a few shots.

Ginger decided she wanted to ride, instead of Snap below always wanting to sit..and watch 
everything. She's a bit more playful and energetic than that.. ;-) Snap exclaims that someone has to be on the lookout too!

At the end of the day, they both come home to their log cabin and rest before starting another new day. A side note, my Grandfather made this log cabin from scratch and to look at it up close.. the details of his carvings are amazing! 

Merry Christmas..

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Until next time..

At another time, I'll try to get caught up some more! 
There's the NY trip in June, the IN trip in July, and all the other places we have snapped shots in between!
Most of my days, aside from doing the normal things.. Cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping, meal preping, job searching, stamping (when I decide to get EVERYTHING out) etc have been filled with trying to find our next home! We want to upgrade in space and have been looking diligently in what would be right for us! 
So, moving is in our near future and all the fun that comes along with it.

Until next time.. :-)

Cinci in May

In May, due to My Aunt's passing, Mom & I made a trip to Cincinnati and Indianapolis and stayed with Ange. Dad had gone ahead with the Grandparents and was busy most of the week.

We visited the  Farmers Market :-)

These were some beautiful flowers that were made out of wood & Ange bought a few!

We then walked down the street to what would be like a City flee market that they have 1 Saturday a Month with the Cincinnati City Hall behind it. I believe this was also the place that Collingsworth had a live concert that was taped years ago that Ange & I were at!

I think this was a Bluegrass group there for entertainment/music!

This was a neat part of the park where spouts of water at different levels would rise. In the evening, with the lights added, its all multicolored :-)

We visited some other local parks with beautiful buildings and landscaping, and took advantage of some fun shots too!

Couldnt resist! This was left in one of the siderails.

Walked the Purple People Bridge!

Look at this city view! Ah!

Another park..

 I imagined a beautiful wedding here... 

Thanks for an enjoyable time, aside from the main reason of going out there in the first place!

Celebrating our Love

It's hard to believe that it is almost 1 year and 4 months being married to the most wonderful Man I know! He is such a loving, supportive, compassionate, giving, optimistic, humorous and humble husband that I am soo proud to call mine ;-) 

We wanted to do something real special for our 1 year anniversary. Its always been a dream of mine to go to the Grand Canyon and I was told shortly before we got married that Tim already had an idea/plan for what would be our 1 year anniversary trip but hadn't told me yet! About a month prior to the trip, we started talking more about what we might want to do and thats when he laid out his ideas for us! My mouth dropped when I saw a brochure of a couple nights stay and a train ride into the Grand Canyon. I could have cried! 

Here are some random shots of our trip. :-)

Look at this view! Isn't it beautiful.. Doesn't hurt to look in the rear view mirror every once in a while when in the passenger seat ;-)

We've stopped here a time or two before, but mainly because it's just so unique. There are different shops inside and some eating places. We grabbed some Chinese to eat, and then ate in the Ronald McDonald train cars! 

We arrived in Williams, AZ just before dinner time and checked into our first motel! 

The package came with dinner and breakfast in the Grand Depot Cafe :-)

After breakfast the next morning, we all were to sit and watch an entertaining Cowboy show before getting on the train to head into the Grand Canyon!

We had been told that when we left the motel room to have all our luggage ready for pickup but to leave everything in the room. They had people that came around to each room to collect every ones belongings. IT was a nice feeling to not have to worry about lugging everything around all day. We also were told that the luggage would be delivered to our next motel room, but that check in wouldnt be until later that day!  After arriving to the Grand Canyon we were told  to take a tour bus ride that lasted about 1 1/2 hours, if I recall, which would give them time to unload and deliver everything! In our minds, we thought our luggage was going to be on the train... but as we walked to the Cowboy show or breakfast, we saw what really was the case! It was all going in a trailer! How sneaky ;-) but we caught them!

These guys were just some of our entertainment we had during the train ride.
Country singin' folk!

We both took so many shots of the grand canyon, and I couldnt make you see them all.. but we tried so hard to capture the breathtaking views.. and we realized real quick, we just cant do that! Nothing can explain the beauty of this place..

...But, here Tim was trying to capture it.

They had a shuttle system and maps to get to MANY places: Other look out areas, museums, dining, shops, motels etc. We tried so hard to walk as much as we could while there, but there was just so much to see and so little time to capture it all. We finally took the shuttle. I actually think the pic below is one of the tour buses, and apparently didnt get the shuttle bus! Anyways, it was a nice form of transportation to get all over for free! 

People hike down into the Grand Canyon, and this is just the start of one of the many trails! We walked a bit of it, and have talked about going back sometime and hiking more!

There was strict instructions to not feed any of the wildlife, as these squirrels have been known to bite, but we stood near a group of people that were doing just that. It was cute to see anyways. :-)

On our trip back to Williams! 

And the robbers were there waiting for us too! They came aboard the train and took many peoples' money!

It was such an enjoyable time with the Love of my life. <3 comment-3--="" nbsp="">

Note: Havasu City post below/ next page.