Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The first snow is officially here.....

.....Pushing fall right out

A World of Hurting People

Every week, I take time out of my schedule to watch Extreme Makeover online. Some of you may have your own opinions about these type things, so be it. Almost every episode finds me in tears, having a new enriched desire to help others in need. I realize more everyday just how blessed we are, how blessed I AM to have a roof over my head, food on the table, family support & love, friendships, etc while so many others struggle with things beyond my imagination.
Everyday, I walk into work.. Im in touch with lives and their emotions, their families, their struggles and trials... and Im reminded of just how good God has truly blessed my life.
Im reminded of things I seem to take for granted, things so minor, but find so easily to complain about. Im reminded of all these things.
To me, sometimes it seems like I live in this little box, secluded from all the hurtful things, hardships people face everyday. Believe me, I've thought that before.... especially when my eyes were officially opened through the medical field. You may think... Im eluding that my life is perfect, but surely & truly it isnt. Im just learning to appreciate those precious moments and blessings that others take for granted and far often, lack.... and share them with others.
I obviously don't have the talent to build/design a home, but I can always do something to help others, starting with a smile.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sometimes, we do things at such late hours (or early if you like to think it as such) because there is no other time where we can all be together. SO... after Ange and I got home from work at like 12:30am... everyone came down to celebrate Mom's birthday, except for Ash.. as she had to go back to college in the am.

Ange made the cake before work on Monday.



Monday, October 20, 2008


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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Oh To See This Day Again

Those of you who buy Regular.... I thought I'd never see the day again... As of last night, this was
our first gas station in my area to hit $2 something! I was so impressed as you can see that I had to take a snapshot on my phone of the moment.
It's definitely sad when we(or I) do this over gas prices!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Medical flub ups

You know those forwards that sometimes go around where there is a collection of medical statements written with some VERY obvious/scary errors noted by "professionals?" Well, this week on MY unit, there were a couple statements made by a nurse and nursing assistant that I thought just might fit in a collection like such.
Nursing assistant runs out of the room after answering a call bell pushed by a patient due to their IV pump beeping and says.... " The IV pump in Room ____ is having a collision. =) INSTEAD, she should have said that the IV pump is showing there is a occlusion (meaning either the tubing is kinked or there might be air in the line.)
Nurse says to another nurse, Pt's IV pump is running 100 miles an hour, INSTEAD of 100 ml/hour.
Nurse documenting on computer at end of shift = Polident brought in by pt's teeth....., INSTEAD of pt's son.
Not that there is any excuse for such errors, but what can you expect when you've litterly been running in every direction and trying to juggle everything that needs to get done + answer lights. Sometimes I'm suprised at how sane we nurses stay.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Burlington, VT

Back during the summer months, a VT trip was discussed for an upcoming time. We finally were able to pull it off this past Saturday spending most of the day in VT. Unfortunately, work was too hectic to be able to get friday off, so I left 6:30ish Saturday morning after about 3 hours of sleep.
Due to never taking a ferry before, I was anxious to get the opportunity to on this trip. This ferry was the smaller/shorter of the 2 we could have gone on and lasted only about 20 minutes.
Jon, took this snapshot on my camera... but Im curious to know what was so funny?

We, females love to shop most times. Yes, we do! The part that shocks me is that after a full day of shopping, I walked away with absolutley no purchases, other than food.
Church Street Market
Now, this picture is a VERY mild shot compared to when we were there, which means.. I did snatch this pic from the internet seeing I didnt have my camera with me at that time. The place was packed with all sorts of people.. people that made Jon a bit uneasy about being there! So, we walked the 4 blocks for a little bit, but didnt stay long.

We hit some more shopping = Walmart and Michaels and then headed for dinner at....
There was such a long line that it took about 45 minutes to be seated. This was after several people decided they weren't waiting any longer and left. We left about 8:20pm to get back to the ferry for what was the last ferry out at 9pm! Yes, I know.. the sign in the first pic says 9:30, but that was for the other side.

All in all, we had a good time together. Sunday was pretty much spent at church and then over to the "Catton" residence for lunch with the Saxtons! Headed for home Monday morning in time to go to work!
Thanks for having me, Jon & Leah!

I'm BACK....

Mixed Emotions.. to say the least...

It's been a little more than a month now since I started having some major issues with my computer, and wasnt sure if it was going to "pull through" or not. Some rays of hope would be noted, but then it'd take a turn for the worst again. I guess if I'm honest, deep down inside I had hoped it would last a little bit longer even though I've had it for several years now, due to come reasons that have been very dear to me. The sad news is..... last night, I officially took the computer apart to replace it with another desktop.

Now, the amazing thing was.... Circuit City was offering free shipping which was to take about 2 weeks or some other pricey options to choose from! I had debated on spending a little extra money to get my purchase here sooner, but thought... I've waited this long, why not wait a bit longer?! Anyways, so I chose the free option. To my surprise after ordering one morning, mom called the following morning at 9am and told me that a big box had been delivered to my doorstep. I couldn't believe it!!!! I know I never would have known this, but if I had paid extra to "so call " have a quicker delivery.. they would have definitely ripped me off of money, and then I wouldn't be very happy.

So, I'm officially back in business, but still feel a bit saddened due to the changes. I will never forget my very first computer.