Friday, February 27, 2009

The lost has been found......

Cameras....... as much as they are wonderful to capture memories, they also burn a little hole in pockets when they come up missing, and decide not to show up for over a year. =-/
Last year, the begining of January...Ange had a special friend come to visit for about a week, and plans had been made throughout this time. Wednesday January 2nd.. we had decided to venture out into downtown Albany and visit different attractions Albany holds. Cameras come in handy especially during these times. Actually anyone that knows me, knows I thoroughly enjoy taking pictures... random pictures, pictures that no one else would understand or see the need to take!
Sometimes, I sense cooperation for the first few, then frustration and aggrevation the more I take by others around me. Personally, I don't care.... I have a scrapbook eye, and if for nothing else, want to be able to look back on all the memories.
Over the years, I've had oodles and oodles of folders on my computer loaded with photos.. and some nights it's just relaxing to sit at the computer, sifting through them... each one reminding you of times past. I love it!
Anyways... as Im getting side tracked.. this SONY camera below, was my very first digital camera I bought in 2003 or 2004. From that point up until last January 2008, I used it frequently.. and has captured many memories. THEN.... the dreadful day came when I could not find it anywheres... I looked high and low, in places Id never expect it to be. Nothing. I couldnt understand what happened...I remember thinking.. I had it on wednesday- at the museum- where did I place it? I thought, surely I hadn't left it behind somewhere for someone else to pick up... I was baffled.
After looking for a couple months, with no success... I decided to buy another digital camera. I knew within a few days I would be heading out to Dayton / Cinci , OH for a week and needing a camera. 3 days prior to heading out to OH in April, my new Olympus Fe-340 came ( Imagine the picture below as a pretty blue- This actually is mom's- same model/different color) Estatic to have recieved it in time, I packed it away in my luggage to take on the trip. Upon arriving at a friend's house 3 nights later, I opened my luggage to find my camera MISSING. The case was there, but the camera was gone. I honestly was pretty upset/ felt sick at the loss of yet another camera. Went to the airline website to report missing items and filled out this form...waitng for a response. Nothing came. The next morning, I called the Customer assistance and was transfered to 3-5 different departments.. and no one seemed interested in helping. My parents were called, and encouraged me to discuss with a family friend airline manager the situation.. to see what could be done. In the end, I was told, because they do not offer insurance for such items... there wasnt a whole lot that could be done. HE was going to check into the matter and would get back to me... by friday. Needless to say, I never heard anything about the situation again..
No, I didn not follow through again... I was too upset to deal with it at that time.. and let it go.
Then a wonderful friend had leant another Sony camera for me to use. Sorry, no pictures of this camera. You know how it is when you use someone else's camera.. you're always afraid something will happen? Well, I decided to buy one more camera and that is this black Olympus Stylus 1010 below. Now, I just need to get that borrowed camera back to it's owner. Thank you so much for allowing me to use it for a time.

3 out of the 4 I've gone through in the past year...

And, because of this... I have collected all sorts of memory/ storage sizes, seeing that all 4 used different memory/batteries. If Im not mistaken, this isn't all that I have either.

So, now to the point of this post... this afternoon, I decided to work on my printer seeing I haven't used it since Ive gotten my new computer. I never installed the software etc so thought today would be the day to do so... as I took things off the top and then slid my printer away from the desk.... I peer over the top and see different items behind, one of them being a black case... with my ORIGINAL camera in it. Somehow, it had found a home behind my printer and made it's presence today. Shocked... after all this time, finding it... and then reminded of all cameras that have come thereafter.
The memory was taken out... and scanned for whatever pictures were taken a year ago. Once again, Im reminded of memories.
As much as the camera is definitely outdated... it's charging and will likely be used some more, if needed.

Saturday, February 21, 2009


AAA comes to our rescue...
Periodically, the thought has crossed my mind to sign up for AAA, but it wasnt until this morning that the thought was put into action! It's always nice to have that sense of security when on the road if something were to go wrong, especially with me, since we all know just how knowledgable I am with vehicles (haha). Anyways, my sister's car needed towing from Crossgates today, and within 10 minutes of time, help arrived. What awesome service!
AAA has won me over on the very first day=) Don't get me wrong now, I'm not looking for things to go wrong, but if it does, I'll know there is someone just a call away to help= AAA!!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Through The Fire

This is such an awesome song with so much truth... "Just hold on.. for our Lord will show up and he'll take you through the fire again." Regardless of what we may face each and everyday, God will always be to our rescue in his timing. He's such a GREAT and FAITHFUL God.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I'm here...
I realized it's been awhile since I last posted... and thought I would take a few moments to update with a few pictures. It seems unbelievable that its been almost a month, but I guess we all take our turn every once in a while.. and some seem to a little bit more often ;)
Tonight we spent the evening over at my Grandparents for dinner at their new home. Ive been over there a couple different times as they've been unpacking, and it's always been nice seeing their progress of setting up home. It definitely is starting to look like home for them, and I can tell they are pretty excited.
Dinnner= Spaghetti, tossed salad, Italian & banana bread

Dessert= A vanilla cake with strawberry filling=)
Ange made the cake that has a long story behind it...
Let me just say, we almost didnt get to enjoy it.
Ange... It was delicious and you did a wonderful job!!!
Even if you couldn't enjoy it with us.. it was worth every bite!
......And my job usually ends up being to do the dishes..
but this time, it was going to be a bit easier. See, Grandma has never had a dishwasher,
so my family bought them one for Christmas and dad installed
it in their new home.Tonight was the first night that we
were going to try it out & I think she was impressed..=)


Now, this is for some extended family! Just a brief peak into what their house looks like.
I went through the house tonight with "an order" to take pictures of all the rooms so that family thats unable to visit right now, could see what everything looks like. I was also told to email all these pictures.. but we all know just how big picture files are, especially when you are sending 25-30 pictures. I've decided to put them on CD and send copies or(another thought) I might put them in a program and send a link over email to them. Within the next week or so, I will try sending everything off... so be watching for them!!!

Im impressed.. and feel they made a wonderful choice!
Now, here's a few pictures at the last River Rat's game we went to.
They won 4-3, I believe.