Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Life & the passing of time...

When I think about life and all that it entails, I am reminded of the passing of time - Early lessons learned, discipline from those who love us more than we know, which helps mold/give structure to our lives, developing likes and dislikes, having creative imaginations, increased responsibility and so much more. Life has a way of unfolding in ways we never dreamed of, based on decisions we make throughout life.
Early years bring much excitement to reach "certain" year milestones. We look forward to becoming a teenager, getting our permit/drivers license, graduating from highschool, picking a career and going to college to study it, getting married, etc. So many milestones we look forward to! Humanly, we are excited for the future and what life has to offer us, but as I look back... I also am reminded at how quickly it has passed. Are we so excited to reach these milestones, that we dont breathe in the flowers of today?
My life has brought me to a point where Im about to start another chapter, reach another milestone. I find that Im attempting to smell the "flowers of today" so much more than previous days, because these flowers will never grow just the same again in such a short while. This brings great emotion that is so hard to explain! So many emotions felts all at the same time so, because of change, it's very difficult for me. How can one be sad, somewhat nervous, sentimental to what you've always known, but at the same time... be excited to reach out in life, look for new possibilities, and watch yourself grow even more into who you were always meant to be? Again, life has a way of unfolding in ways we never dreamed of, and because of this.. Im excited to see what the future holds.