Friday, March 27, 2009

Friendly visits..

This week has been a bit different, if only I could have actually planned for it this way. As of late, my place of employment has a low census and has for the past 3 weeks been cutting people. In 2 weeks, I have been cut 3 times versus my sister 5 times. Tuesday I was cut, and then they attempted to cut me for wednesday in which I refused the cut, and then they DID cut me for thursday. Today happens to be my day off, so all in all.... I haven't had to work all that much this week. With this being said, I was able to get together with a few friends of mine.
Tina, Im so glad we got caught up last weekend on the phone, and then were able to meet at Friendly's for lunch on thursday. It was nice having Jeff & Jordan along too for the visit. It's not all that often that we are able to meet up/ chat with our busy schedules it seems, but always know regardless of this, we will always share a friendship that will pick up just where it left off.
I had a very nice time... and looking forward to whenever next time may be.


Who's this little cutie with his sparkling blue eyes???

Liz & I

Since FINALLY getting over a wicked cold... I felt there was a need to visit another dear friend and meet little Linora.
I think I look like I have everything under control =)
SOOO happy for you, Liz ( & Mike).
Will be looking forward to holding her again soon hopefully.
One of God's most precious gifts...

A random... sister picture...

AND as for room pictures... it's all still in the making=)

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Since the delivery this morning at 9:20am... I have been spending hours weeding things out as I unpack, condensing and setting up my humble abode. It's been soo much fun having the opportunity to place things just the way you want them, just because everything is finally YOURS. My own styles can finally be seen.
I want my parents to know just how much I've appreciated the use of their furniture over the many years living here. It's been great to say the least, but I guess there always comes a time when you want furniture to call your own =)
I'll stop with this for now because there is yet so much that needs done....
This whole process has been truly exciting for me.. and moreso now that I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. It seems like a long time coming.....

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

It's a....

Linora Catherine Stewart Mosier
Birth lb : 8 lbs 6 oz.
Length: 20 inches
Born @ 5:24pm
Congratulations Mike & Liz!

Pray for a SAFE arrival..

Liz (Stewart) Mosier, for those of you who know her...has a due date for tomorrow March 19th. Last night, her water broke and is now in the hospital awaiting the delivery of her first daughter/son. This is a very exciting time for any parents to be, and I just pray that everything goes smooth and quick for her.
Will you help me pray?
For those of you in the Bible study, I will be in touch with you as far as the gift we will be getting for her.=)

Monday, March 9, 2009


For those of you who have been curious to know exactly what I've been up to, I thought I'd take a few minutes to share. First off, no... Im not moving at this time, just had moved out "temporarily" so that the carpet I had bought could be layed. This was done last friday after some hard work moving/packing everything up throughout the week. With this new carpet, I personally feel like my room has taken on a new look... and those that have been here, understand where I am coming from. Since friday, I set up my computer on the floor just to have access until I purchase my new desk, while my mattress from my old bed was laying in the center on the floor. Nothing much else was being allowed back in. When I think of a new facelift... everything has to be new, and Ive been determined to do just that.
So, phase II of my project has been to find a bedroom set to finally call my own. Since last week, I have done some online searching for styles in which I might like, which would hopefully help in making my final choice easier when I actually was searching throughout the stores itself. I had about 5 options of different styles that were of interest, but one of them stood out more. The thing of it was... I saved the photo, but had forgotten even where I had found it (what store) and thought, "Well, at least I can be keeping an eye out for something along these lines... and go from there." So, tonight I convinced Mom and Ash to go along as opinionators (because I need them, since making decisions is very difficult for me, once I narrow it down.) I need to know I have the support of something that I like, or else I seem to second guess my decision. I try to keep in mind though, as much as they may not be sold on something, what matters most is that I like it.
So, anyways... I've been to 3 different huge furniture stores to compare furniture, and the last one I went to, I found exactly what I had been looking for. Any of the other sets I had seen was being compared to this mental photo that I had on my computer back home.
It wasn't until I actually got home and pulled up that photo... that I realized how close in style it actually was. I had taken a snap shot while at the store, but everything was soo condensed.. so I decided to share the original photo I found online.
What makes it even more convincing that "this was meant to be" is... I had gone to the website of the store I had purchased my set from.... and no where could I find this photo from this store, meaning.. it's possible to of come from a completely different place, and I found one very similar somewhere else. This also was the very first bedroom set that the associate showed me, which instantly caught my attention.
Today, was tax free day, free delivery and setup, and 1 year of free financing.
Now, can you beat that?
So, here is the photo I had saved online... the arrangement is spread out to
get a better idea as to what it really looks like.

Sooo looking forward to next tuesday so that I can make some true headway with my room.. and get things back in order.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Just a brief peek as to what Ive been doing recently. I am taking pictures at every phase, and will likely share more as they come...

Definitely will be glad when this process is over.