Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I Can't Believe it...

I can't believe it!
My youngest sister is to be married in less than 2 months.
This past saturday we hosted a bridal shower for her at one of her closest friends' parents house with nearly 40 people in attendance. We had an enjoyable time with family and friends :)
SOO many snapshots to choose from..and SOO many good ones left out.

* The Bride-To -Be*
Mothers of the bride-to-be and groom-to-be!
Mom with her girls:)

Ashley's bridal party
Ash & the Martin sisters

Ash LOVES candy.. ALL sorts of candy.. so we decided to incooporate an assortment of candies into our favor boxes..M&Ms, gummy bears, starbursts, and sixlets. These are some of her favorites. With the favor boxes set behind... we allowed everyone to fill their own!

Some decorations that I did...

Cousins :)

these cuties will be the flower girls in the wedding!

More family..

Who can create a wedding dress out of toilet paper? We were split into teams.. and this is what each team created.. Rachel was Ashhley's winning choice!
All in all, a good time..
Thanks to each of you that came !!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Progress & Debates

I have been extremely excited to finally have some end tables and a coffee table
to call my own.. Looks may be a bit decieving, as this weighs a TON- each and every piece.
Bought these, but all the while doubted how they'd look with my decor.

I just cant figure out how to tweak it enough to look right.. so I've about decided to.........

....and take them back for my in store credit :( !

Hmm... look familiar...?



And, for curtains... Im confused as ever! I cant find "right " shades of colors.. or find there's too much of patterns in something with very similar colors. It's not just colors, but styles.. looking for the RIGHT style.

So, thats my glimpse Im sharing...:) Im sooo far from done, but every little bit counts.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

It's amazing how time passes...
I cannot believe its been nearly 5 months since I've moved out on my own. What a journey to experience! I've learned so much about independance, managing finances, coordinating meals, organizing amd maintaining a place to call home, as much as "there is NO place like home," decorating, hosting for groups of people, etc. I truly feel that I have grown as an individual.
This week, I have been blessed to have several days off from work, well unplanned days off, due to the decrease in census. I especially love when they are in a row.. as it was this week. I have had several projects Ive been wanting, attempting at times, to start or complete... and have been able to develop some of these during my time off. It truly has been a busy week, but well worth the time and effort.
I've thought about giving some "under construction" sneak peeks.. but have decided to keep my snap shots to myself for now, as its hard to present something that is sooo far from done. Now, now... dont get some big ideas that Im transforming my place into something major, because thats just not the case. Im just attempting to find the perfect accents for the perfect angle and spot! Im debating some added color to walls, furniature, etc. too!
...This is truly fun... but it all takes time.