Wednesday, April 6, 2016

A Place for Coffee & Chats

We are looking forward to warmer weather coming to stay well into the evenings. This winter/spring has been fairly cold for here, and I am just ready for it to be over with. 

My mom came to visit over Easter, so Tim & I had several things we wanted to do in preparation for her trip. We always try to tackle a project of sorts prior to company coming out. It's somewhat of a motivator in itself, and once done, we then enjoy the satisfaction of another completed project. :-) I can't say this project is totally complete, as we want to add some adjustable spot lights in the upper corners and then some strip lights under the brown beam to shine on the white rocks at night. Just Monday, they came and added/attached a white thinner beam underneath the brown one. All we can figure is that its part of their addition to "enhance" the style.. Personally, I can't say it's great.. but if you could see the rest of the property, it makes sense! This new company has really been working on updating the property and have plans of adding some pretty cool things this summer! Anyways, we knew that they were suppose to be coming.. Originally, we received a notice the day before mom came out, and not knowing exactly what they were going to do, we decided to wait. Then they canceled, and rescheduled the work to be done 2 days ago. 

Just thought I would share a few shots of a relaxing area that I have already been able to take advantage of during the day. :-) We now enjoy keeping our blinds open!

With the added white...