Sunday, December 30, 2007

Grandpa and Grandma's for Christmas 2007

Every year on Christmas, we split the day between being at Grandpa and Grandma's house for a nice hot meal and extended family Christmas and then home to hold our own Christmas. Within the last couple holidays, our family gatherings have included a competitive game where a certain team definitely likes to win.=) Then again, who doesn't want to win?! At the moment, the name of the game has slipped my mind, but its become a tradition Im afraid. Up to this point, I've refused to play, but have enjoyed being an observer in seeing sides to relatives that I've never seen before. Cracks me up.=) Anyways, Im not sure where my camera was during those moments, but here's a few others to represent Christmas at Grandma and Grandpas.

Grandpa & Grandma

Our family

Uncle Andy, Aunt Debbie and Ilyssa

Gifts were just starting to be passed out. (Don't look @ my red socks for they clash. You just learn to accept what someone offers you, especially if your feet are cold=)

Christmas 2007

.The moment that I have looked forward to..... my sisters coming home for the holidays, has already been going by far to quickly. I can't believe another Christmas is over and we are on the verge of a New Year. Ange will be heading back this friday to get ready for her 2nd semester classes, while Ashley will be around for a little longer. Thought I'd share a few Christmas pictures spent with the family as these moments, "family moments" happen few and far between now

The Sisters and of course, Rumples.

I realize this moment has passed, but it will always be a vital part of my life. We have no control of who our siblings are, but we do have that choice to have them as friends. Since high school, Ange and I have worked at Customer Service and Albany Medical Hospital together, gone to 3 different schools, which also included daily traveling. Of course, we've had our moments, but who doesn't?! Through these times, they have been what's helped make an impact on who we are today. As you can see, this picture implies that we've graduated, but just recently, Ange drove home from Cincinatti so that we could also take our boards together.
I've been really proud of Ange for all her hard work and her words of encouragement when needed most have meant alot. I have the uttermost faith that she will follow her dreams and continue to have a big impact on people that cross her path.
The world would like to change you;
There are pressures all around.
You must decide just who you are,
Then firmly hold your ground.
You have an image of yourself,
An ideal sense of you;
And to this vision you must always
Struggle to be true.
You know what yo are good at,
And you know where talents lie;
But if you're ruled by others,
Your uniqueness could pass by.
Remember, there is much to learn;
But all new things aren't good.
Wisdom lies in what you've learned
And what you have withstood.
So, be yourself and don't allow
The world to take control.
Preserving your identity
Is life's most precious goal.