Sunday, August 31, 2008

FTD Response

Thank you for your recent purchase from FTD.COM for Heidi S. We received your email regarding a substitution to your first choice selection and apologize for any misunderstanding regarding our substitution policy. Substitution is sometimes necessary to ensure your gift is delivered in a timely manner. When it is necessary to substitute, the utmost care and attention is given to your order to ensure that it is as similar as possible to the requested item. For floral arrangements, our policy allows for flowers of equal or greater value to be substituted to convey the same overall look, feel, and color scheme of the arrangement.
A more detailed policy on substitution may be found on our website. 1) From the Home Page, click on "customer service". Then, click on "What is FTD.COM's substitution policy". 2) The substitution policy may also be viewed from the product page. Click on the words "Substitution Policy" underneath the large picture of the product
Thank you for shopping with FTD.COM.

I knew this was going to being what would give them a leg to stand on! I know there is always fine print regardless of what you are ordering, etc.. but my goodness... who always reads the fine print?! I don't. When you've done this multiple of times and havent had near the problems, especially having something so vastly different delivered, I guess you dont think about the possibilities of it happening to you.
Where is professionalism anymore? Wouldn't it be out of curtesy to at least notify me of the changes before going ahead to give the ok for something I DIDN'T order?!?!?!?
Anyways, the issue is over & Im letting it go now... but I've definitely taken a lesson from it.

Friday, August 29, 2008


An addition to my last post with the floral arrangement that I had sent this week, it dawned on me about as soon as I had sent my order in that I never signed my name so they would know who it was from! Some websites I had been looking at, had an extra slot where you were required to sign "something" in the signature box, but as far as, I had to just put it within the message. Obviously that slipped my mind. I wasnt sure what to do at this point...and because it was going to be delivered the same day, I couldnt edit my order. I mean you feel weird calling to somehow feel someone out to see if they recieved any delivery, let alone make someone feel pressured to say thank you. It is always nice to have someone appreciate something you have done for them, but it means so much more to have them say so themselves. Ya know?! Anyways... nothing had been said all week, and I guess I shouldn't have expected to get a phone call, when they wouldnt have a clue as to who sent them in the first place... without a name! At the same time, something just didn't feel right about the whole thing, so I gathered enough nerve to call and see if it would come up in conversation. Most important, I wanted to make sure the delievery was made! Then it happened.......... My world turned upside down for a little while. This is how it went....!
Nothing came up on it's own about getting any delivery, so I just had to ask! "Heidi, did you get any deliveries this week?" Actaully, yes... she goes.. " I got an arrangement of flowers on wednesday, but I dont know who they are from because there was no name!" So, I played along.. and asked, well what did they look like?? Well, it has a clear vase with little flowers painted on it... and the flowers were dark red, pink, yellow and white, with baby breath and ferns. I knew right away something was wrong... and I was fit to be tied. You mean, the vase isnt green with a purple pokadot ribbon tied around it?? No, she said. I just couldnt believe what I was hearing... I then went on to say they were actually from me and tried to explain exactly what I ordered and that it wasn't even close to what was delivered. I was soooooo embarrassed, mortified, and upset!
Who could get an order that WRONG????? Here are the 2 pictures so you can compare what I ordered versus what was delievered. I had her take a pic on her cell phone and send it to me right away.
I was so upset... I mean, whats the point in spending time online to find something that you really like, spend the money for it to help brighten someone else's day.. and find out that what was delivered wasnt even what was ordered! I have my own tastes as far as arrangements go and would have NEVER picked that arrangement if it were there to pick from! Im definitely not a fern person, the flowers looked so different, and SO incredibly SLOPPY!!!!!!!! Heidi, gave me the phone number to the local florist that was picked by to deliver my arrangement. Now, mind you... I am not one to make phone calls to order things or go to the a place to tell them exactly what I want, when I really havent a clue, knowing I have people waiting in line behind me. I hate the uncomfortable feeling that this brings on. Im not one to create problems/ or be vocal about them, but would rather go on my merry way staying out of people's way. I mean, it's just who I am. IF it were someone I were really close to, that might be a different story. I know it can be unhealthy to just let people walk all over you...for there are times in which you need to stand up for whatever the case may be.
ANYWAYS, this is becoming a long venting matter to say the least, but Im trying to hurry. We all know, when I talk.. every detail needs to be said or else I dont feel like I've told the story=)
So, I got on the phone and made my case with the lady in the florist shop. It appears that the one I had talked with, was actually the one that made the arrangement. She was the sweetest, most understanding lady.. and explained what happened. She said... sends the name of the arrangement that was ordered and the recipients information to send it, but will not send any of the "buyers" info because they do not want "Randolph's (The local florist) to take me as their customer. She went on to say.. "I knew I didnt have a green vase like that or some of the flowers.. and I didnt even know what the arrangement was to look like until I did some major searching on the webite to find it. I called and told them that I didnt have what was needed to make this arrangement.. and they gave me the ok to substitute other flowers/vase within that price range to create a new bouquet." Then I piped in... and said..well who are THEY to give the ok to substitute another arrangement... they didnt buy it?!?!?!?!?!? If they refused to give any contact info to you guys.. then they should have at least made me aware of the situation to let me have the final say! I could have then decided whether to go ahead with the new arrangement or cancel my order... to then find another place! The lady perfectly understood... and strongly encouraged me to never go through a place like that again, and to go directly through the local florist, where they can have access to the contact info.. to do things the professional way. She said that she had done everything she could with the limited info she had.. and that ultimately, I would have to contact FTD to get to the base of the problem! I thanked her for her time etc.. and got off.
I checked the FTD website where they gave an email address through customer service and wrote them a nice little email. Waiting to see what they will do about it.. my guess is nothing.. because in the fine print in one of their policies I was made aware that they can give permission to substitute another arrangement. The situation wouldnt be so upseting if they wouldnt have taken it upon themselves to make my decisions. It's like... why bother look/decide on arrangements to order if you know that you wont be ultimately getting it in the end anyways.
BEWARE.... of websites that pick your floral shop to deliver like
So, FTD is afraid of Randolph's taking me as a customer, eh? Well, FTD just LOST me as a customer because I WILL NEVER go through them again!
ALSO... always check up with the people who recieved the arrangement, have them explain what they recieved and take a picture. FTD apparently didnt think someone like me would check up on them! Boy, were they WRONG!
It's so pathetic!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Another bouquet

A friend of mine and her family were in a pretty serious car accident a couple days ago! Thank the Lord there weren't too much as far as injuries to note. Some minor wiplashes, blocking out for several minutes, glass found in skin, and a few more. If the one that hit their car came just seconds before, the mother very well could have been pinned to the back of the car, for they had stopped on the side of the road to get some medicine out of the trunk for the baby and as soon as she got back in, the car was hit from behind. The driver was talking on a cell phone and never saw them stopped! The impact of the hit, sent my friends family into a telephone pole and then the pole snapped and landed on the car. Car totaled!
With that being said, I decided to send this bouquet of flowers which consists of purple Peruvian lilies, mini-carnations with Yoko Ono button pompons to them. I love the colors purple and green. Now, my scapbooking eye comes out with the pokadot ribbon to help accent the arrangement!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bible Study

Our original Youth group leader of several years ago has decided to start a Bible study where it's just not limited to one denomination of people/church etc.. and has been looking to help provide fellowship with/for young people. He invited a young guy from his church at Sonrise Baptist, Liz- one of my dearest girl friends, and myself to start things off. Tonight, (tuesday actually.. after getting back from Syracuse) was a night in which we discussed just how we want this Bible study to run, what we want to expect/get out of it, group ideas for activites, etc.. then had a little devotional, played Pictionary - guys against girls- which turned out to be the most competitive/close game of pictionary I've ever played & which might I add... Liz & I WON! =) Then we had a snack.
Sometimes I feel like we all live in our own "little box/world," become too busy to set time aside for fellowship, and miss out on opportunities to be there for others. Some people also seem to have their own little clicks where others arent even thought of. It's time that we all band together & reach out to others in fellowship!
We've decided that every other tuesday evening we're going to get together with anyone who wants to come.. I think about all the young people in churches that have walked through their doors, stay for a little while... and before we know it.. slip through our fingers. What are we doing as a "church world" to make them feel comfortable, feel involved, etc? This was such a refreshing time tonight socializing with young people that either you don't see often or have never met before.
Looking forward to seeing just where this will go.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Trip to Syracuse

Preparing for Syracuse, The trip & Adjusting in the room....
Last year, being Ashley's first year of college, she litterly packed her whole room up and took it with her to school. The jeep was so jammed packed that you couldnt even see out the rear window. Yea, pretty bad! This time, I think she may have improved a little bit, for as you can tell there is room to the ceiling of the jeep. =) Still a LOT of stuff, but every year should get better... so they say!

Something about these type knowing the distance between each of the cities.
(Just a bit blurry, I know!)
This is Ashley's new dorm building from one of the parking lots. Personally, I think it's pretty nice as you make your entrance. To the right as you walk in... there is a decent size lounge area with seating and a huge flat screen & then a eating area with tables and high stools. The layout and design in this building is definitely a BIG upgrade from the building she was in her freshman year. I was a bit impressed, to say the least. Unfortunately, I didnt get any pictures of the entrance to show.
So, this year Ash is staying in a suite with 8 girls. There are 4 rooms within this suite, an open room - for sitting, hanging out etc.. obviously, it doesnt look attractive right now.. without anything in it/set up yet. This is the room to the right of the hallway picture. Now, the hallway picture.... bottom left corner is the door to enter the suite. Directly across the entrance is one of the 4 bedroom doors. The one in the middle of the hall is Ash's, which had those names posted as she walked in. Just imagine, at the end of that hallway that is pictured, to the left is another bedroom, to the right opens into that sitting room, and across the way is the last bedroom and bathroom.
Here's some bathroom pics! 2 stalls/sinks and 1 shower. The 1 shower may become the biggest issue in the mornings with 8 girls.
And, here is an unfinished project of her room. The first picture is how it looked when we walked in... beds up against that far wall, the desks at the foot of the beds and behind the picture shot are 2 closet cabinets and 2 decent size dressers. Our problem was.. finding a way in which everything would fit without blocking access to either one of the desks or one side of the closet. We rearranged things so many times, concluding that it just wasnt possible without making the beds into bunkbeds. Mom, finally hit on something... like she always does and we managed to figure it out. All drawers have enough space to open now, desk chairs to be pulled out,etc. It definitely was a chore. Obviously, with Ash's roommate not coming in until Sunday.. we wanted everything as fair as possible for her too.
One of the biggest differences within the room was the walls. Last year's walls were cement blocks painted.. where as this year.. it's actually sheetrocked, freshly painted with no nail holes & the wooded furniture is in much better condition.
So, by the time we finally figured the arrangement out, Ash had a track meeting at 4pm and had to leave. Unfortunately, we left everything in a mess for her to organize later. Normally, we would have stayed and helped her set up completely, grab something for dinner, buy all her books she needed, run to walmart for anything else- food, necessities for the room, ETC but we left not knowing how long she'd be at her meeting. She then found out that she would have to do her first cross country run run today too.
All in all, she is there for another year.... it just didnt seem possible that she was back already.

Some saddness

It doesn't seem possible that another summer has pretty much come and gone. Right around the corner school will be starting, as some have already started. Tomorrow, Ash heads back to Syracuse to begin her sophmore year in college. There is always a twinge of saddness when someone leaves after being together for months, but at the same time... she definitely is leaving for a good cause - TO GET AN EDUCATION!!!! - Some of us will be helping to transport her belongings there, seeing she likes to bring her whole room. haha! We'll miss her here & it just means I'll be planning some trips to Syracuse for the weekend soon!
I plan on doing another post tomorrow with some pictures
included, so until then, I'm signing off.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Not So Green Now....

Alright, just for a little update and a bit calmer image.=)
I feel I am starting to come out of the woods a little bit. My sore throat is nearly gone and the feeling of being run over by a truck 50 times has seemed to pass too. My energy is starting to pick up a bit, but my appetite not so much yet. My coughing still sounds like it's coming from my toes and I haven't seemed to "catch my nose" yet either. Ya know the song from "Southern Gospel" I think, where it mentions... "Mama sang bass, Daddy sang tenor?" Well, as much as Im not a momma... my voice is about as Bass as you can get, which has caused many head turns at work. Yes, I did try going into work today...seeing it was my weekend to work & couldn't bear the thought of calling in. It didnt take too long before I had nurses right and left telling me that I shouldn't be there and that they were planning on calling the supervisor to see about me going home. One of the nurses offered to stay until 11 just so I could go home! The thing is, once you are at work, you aren't suppose to leave unless you have found coverage! I didn't even have to look for coverage, for I had people offering to just stay. "Aim, you need to go home... you sound horrible!!!" Now, isn't that just something nice to say?! Anyways, so I left.. came home and grabbed something to eat, seeing I hadn't eaten a blessed thing all day. Once again, no appetite.
Yesterday, as I already mentioned... I had my annual physical. Ya know how when some things go wrong, say with your car.... and you take your vehicle to the mechanics to have it checked out.. and they can't seem to find the problem/hear it for that matter?! Well, I get to the doctors and all my symptoms became very minor. I couldn't believe it! The PA went through the physical... never even asking if I was sick. I guess I either hid it well or something! I had kinda planned on trying to hide it because it was suppose to be a "well checkup" and I wasnt sure if they would then consider it that anymore, make me reschedule, etc. Ya know how they are with getting their money out of you! They can't do too many things in one visit...! Then, I found out that my Tetnus shot was due again... I couldn't believe it had been 10 years already. I remember getting my previous one when starting high school.

Friends at school would complain at how their arm felt as if it weighed a ton and hurt for days... Well, it felt like any other shot to me from what I remember! It wasn't until the nurse went to give me this shot yesterday, that I was reminded of the possible side effects. She goes.." Now, this shouldnt hurt much now, but will later tonight and if it becomes really bad for you, feel free to take some tylenol or put some ice packs on the site." I thought, there shouldn't be any problems.. Well, this time it was a different story. I wouldn't necessarily say my arm feels as if it weighs a ton, but every time I move it, it's VERY tender! They seem to like to put them in the dominant arm that the muscle is worked good. Anyways, other than that... I'm holding my own and just trying to get back on my feet completely!

Will probably try attempting work again tomorrow... if all goes well. Hopefully some decent sleep will do the trick!

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Just a bit green around the gills....
I know, I know.. what a sight! Unfortunately, it's not much different in real life right now. I've been down with some upper respiratory infection - wicked, wicked sore throat, cough, congestion in the lungs, hair matted to my head & very little energy. I have been in my pj's and drinking cocco with some french vanilla coffee creamer(which I always have to have!)
My only plus right now is that I don't seem to have much of an appetite for food, which I know is very important for me right now! Needless to say, the lbs that I've been wanting to wash off me, are officially doing so! Now, if only I can keep it that way. =)

I was given/made an appointment for my annual physical and it's scheduled for tomorrow morning. At the time, I felt perfectly fine & now.. it looks like I'll be in for a sick call too!
I think if I met up with a creature like this in the middle of the night, I'd be scared too. I guess I better not look in the mirror!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

My Class

This is my Sunday School Class...I've been meaning to for some time now to snap a few shots of the children at their Sunday best. My Aunt actually teaches the class and I'm her assistant! We have a pretty good little bunch who are eager to learn & listen. Lately, things have been a bit rambuncious, but with a few reminders, they've been great!
Craft time comes after prayer, singing and a little story. They were getting ready to make a little book with pictures that represent how "Good God Is." Our lessons recently have had an emphasis of just how Good God Really is, what his attributes are, etc. Here, they were trying to pick 4 pictures of their choice to add to their little book. Children and decisions are a bit of a handful at times. Some want more than four, others say "she/he took mine" or I don't want that one. I want the one she has!
The little girl in the pretty light blue has just started coming about 3 weeks ago. Her name is Michal, and wants to be called "Mikey" for short. She seems to be pretty bright and somewhat knowledgable in Bible things/ songs, which is wonderful. She's always thinking and saying things on her mind. At the begining of class as we passed around the little offering container, after the money was distributed amoungst the kids, she asks the teacher:
M: "What's this money for anyways?
Teacher: It's to put in the offering for Jesus.
M: Well, what's Jesus going to do with the money?
Teacher: He's going to let us use it to buy supplies for Sunday School.
M: Oh, so that's whos taking my money at home!


My little buddy Noah who is about 1 1/2, turing 2 in January. He had a bit of a rough morning, but finally calmed down-sitting there like a little big boy=) Shahiim is so cute also! Most times, he'll come trailing in 1/2 way through class time as we're coloring pictures or making a craft. Well, today I saw the door slightly open and I had a good idea as to who it was, then it shut. I waited a moment.. then went to see. He was hidding behind the door as I peered around. When he finally walked in, he was trying to tiptoe behind Aunt Charolette to scare her. He's just so cute.
Children are a gift from God & have such great potential. If only their tender hearts would stay tender in their growing up years. This month sometime, I think around August 24th or so, we are having our moving up Sunday. Most of this class will be moving up, and we'll be starting fresh with another bunch.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Christmas Tree Shop =)

The Christmas Tree Shop is definitely the store to go to!!!
Tonight, I happened to find my way to Colonie Center with a friend... and found all these wonderful items to add to my wonderful collection. =) There were so many more things I could have gotten, but my little basket was starting to get a bit full & heavy.
When downsizing the photos to put on here, I was messing around with color within the program. Inverting color actually looks pretty cool.
AND.... finally, I have purchased one of 2 pairs of shoes that I've needed! Now, I just need to find a style of sandel that I like!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

My most recent additions...

Sometimes, I just get so excited when I come across anything lighthouse /things you'd find on a beach, anything with sand/water, etc. I absolutely LOVE this type theme!
Thanks to Auntie Ruth for the starfish candle that she bought and gave recently during one of her many stays here! It's so unique & different. The others, I came across in my travels for some awesome prices, so awesome that I couldnt pass them up!
My problem is that my room is only so big & there's only so much wall space, etc to arrange things. I dont feel like Im this clutterbug by any means because that gets on my nerves. I wonder sometimes how people can stand living with piles upon piles of newspapers/magazines dating back from 1940 laying around their house or multiple nicknacks that obviously dont have a clear arrangement or theme. Everyone has their own tastes, and thats what makes everyone unique, I guess. It's just not me.....
Space is what I need... SPACE!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I'm Dangerous at Night

After a night of working, I find that it takes awhile to unwind before going to bed, so I work on a bunch of things online! A catalog came in the mail full of scrub tops today, and believe me anytime they do, the catalog speaks to me.
My sister said to me just recently about feeling like all she ever wears anymore is scrubs and that she's sick of it! To an extent, I agree. The bigger factor is not just wearing scrubs, but seemingly rotating the same few over and over. Now, that's bothersome! I mean, since I've started working, I've actually accumulated a new wardrobe of scrubs, in which I can mix and match to create other outfits. Even still, after awhile... those too get old and you just feel the need to add some more to the collection. When you make "new" combinations every once in a while, the idea of wearing scrubs isnt such a bad idea!
SOO... I bought a couple more. Im a bit skiddish when it comes to buying clothes online because you just arent sure how they will fit, but I decided to take that chance moreso because they were good deals. =) Good deals mean everything, even if they arent all exactly my taste (like the red one). Somewhere down the line, I'll find an opportunity to wear them.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Act of Kindness

I love to buy gifts/send cards just because I'm thinking of someone! It might be their birthday, maybe they've been sick, going through a difficult time, etc. Whatever the case may be, I like doing so. I feel good about it knowing/hoping its bringing a bright spot in their day.
My family has always been big on gift giving, so it's in my blood I guess;) I truly enjoy it.
My most recent purchase was actually this online purchase, the basket of fruit and flowers, for one of the special nurses I've grown to love working with. It's hard to come by thorough people like JoAnn. It's been very obvious with some people that they try to get by with doing as little as possible and can really care less about their job or the patients they are taking care of. I've been just glad to of been teamed up with staff that truly take things to heart.
Presently, JoAnn is out of work after having back surgery and wont be back for several weeks.
When people who normally help bring the unit together have to go out on leave, you can tell a BIG difference! She's been out for almost 2 weeks now, and I've missed her, so the thought crossed my mind while at work Sunday night to order flowers or something and have them delivered to her doorstep. You might say that's being lazy, but I dont feel that way. It takes time to find a florist in their area, look for something pretty, and order it. In the end, it truly is the thought that counts.
Think about it... People carry all sorts of baggage with them day in and day out. So many people are capable of hiding emotions, hurts, sadness etc. so much that you wouldn't ever know they were struggling. I've been there before! I guess if I'm honest, there have been times that I just have yearned for a card to come in the mail, a thinking of you... whatever... to brighten my day. I'm sure we've all been there... these small words/actions of kindness make a WORLD of difference, so this is why I do what I do.

Entertainment at Dinner

Time has slipped me by, so Im just posting friday's post now.
I had some much needed shopping that I planned on getting done friday evening seeing I didnt have to work. I am in desperate need for some new brown sandel-like shoes and some Nike or New balance sneakers. Mom loves going shopping, and seeing I dont get to spend much time with her in the evenings due to working, I thought it would be nice for a mother/daughter outing. We headed to Crossgates to hit some of our favorite stores.
I was in Famous Footwear and found a couple options that really spoke to me. Mom suggested that I shouldnt jump on the first ones that I came across, which is a smart thought, so I put them back... making a mental note just in case I had no success later.
In the meantime, my stomach started talking and I realized I hadn't eaten dinner yet. Mom had eaten a little bit while still at home, but I thought she would work up an appetite as we shopped and I would take her out for dinner! =)We came to Friendly's.. which as I've said, is one of my favorites to eat at, next to Ponderosa, Golden Coralle, or Country Buffet. It didnt take much convincing to walk in and get a table.
Different ones in my family like to sit where they can watch most people. Personally, I dont care where I sit, so mom sat facing into the mall, while I sat facing the inside of Friendly's.
It didnt take very long for a certain table to stand out behind me. A black family, a mother and 2 daughters and a boyfriend of one of the daughters, as it appeared were waiting for their meal. Mind you, I have nothing against black people, but this family was different. The mother seemed to have the mentality of a 10 year old and want to fit in as if she were hanging out with a group of friends that age, so I sat there and watched.
Their tee hees and abnoxious loud behavior had drawn much attention, when all of a sudden there was a cammotion of giggles, loud talking... and a drentched daughter who had spilt her drink all over. The manager came out, looking frazzled at the group, while the wattress came to clean up. The family picked up their things and plopped down at a table further in & now within my view. With some more giggles, body language of people shy a few fries in a happy meal... I sat and watched alittle more closely. Their meal finally came... and they started eating, sloppy eating at that... Mom and I sat there still waiting for our meal. By this point we had waited about 30 min and had talked about just slipping out... and going elsewhere.
At this time, another older couple came in, the husband in a wheelchair with a helmet on his head. He appeared to of had permanent brain damage. They ordered some coffee to start with, while they waited. This couple was located right next to ours and directly ahead of the one I was keeping my eye on. All of a sudden, the laughter started again... and I could tell some making fun was going on. Out came "GANGSTER!!!"as loud as can be from this guy in the wheel chair. The wife stood up, took her last sips of coffee and walked out pushing her husband. He says, " They're immitating me!!!"
Next, it's time for their dessert. The wattress takes the order, and the mom pipes up saying, "I'm celebrating my birthday late." I looked at mom and said.. "she's going to try pulling a birthday special on the watress, and I bet it isnt even her birthday!" Afterwards, the wattress brings their receipt to the table and leaves, while another worker walked by. The mother says, "HEY YOU, yes you.. COME here... as she waves uncontrollably. "Today's my birthday! Can I have my sundae for free?! The young man said, sorry you have to register your birthdy online to be able to get that special. At first, I thought the guy was making it up because he knew what type of people they were. He was doing a good job with his sheech, but then I thought about it.. and concluded that there probably was some truth to it. Either way, she didnt get her free birthday sundae!
At this time, we were just getting our dinner after waiting 50 min as they were about done. The table was a complete mess and all. They get up, still annoyingly loud, as the mother goes bouncing down the isle with her kids ahead of her. They paid, and left shortly after. The waitress walked over to the table they had been sitting at & I knew exactly was she was checking on. Her she had bent over backwards to give them the same service as everyone else, actually a little more because they liked to act needy... and at that moment, she turned around looking for a co-worker saying, " a $75.00 bill and they left NO tip, NOTHING!"
I really felt bad for that waitress. In all, I was very bothered by the whole situation. They create a huge mess at the first table they were at, are abnoxious throughout everyone's dinner, ruin another couple's time for dinner, so much that they walked out, tried to sponge off a free birthday sundae, when Im sure it wasnt even her beirthday, and then leave NO tip and a very messy table to clean!!!! What's this world coming to?! Why do poeple think this is ok?
So, by now its close to closing time. We finished with dinner & our dessert, then left the young lady a nice tip! One that serves you well, deserves a good tip!We walked out since it was 10pm, and then I realized.. I never got any shoes because all my free time was taken up in Friendly's.

Friday, August 1, 2008

1 Year...

I've found myself reminiscing a lot recently about the memories/friendships I've created throughout nursing school. Our class started out much larger, but these are the ones that passed! I have kept in close contact with 4 of them on a regular basis, due to working together at Sunnyview. Everyone in the class has taken the boards and passed, except one.. which hasn't even taken them yet.
It just doesn't seem possible that it's a year THIS month since Ive been out of school.
Dad, my sister Ange and I
All but Tracy(on the right) work at Sunnyview. I can't believe that its 10 months already since I've been there. Time truly flies. I've gained so much ground working there and want to continue to learn. I have such a love for helping the less fortunate!

(Ange, Sondra, Destiny, Aimee, Tracy)

We are truly a blest people!

My eyes are opened more everyday of those that are hurting beyond what we could ever imagine. Lives are shattered and changed forever due to many different circumstances. Nursing brings much responsibility and can have such an impact on one's futures.

We care for a needy world!

Miss You guys..