Thursday, November 5, 2015

So Grateful..

I am forever grateful to ever have crossed paths with this man that I can now call MY husband!  It's amazing to look back over the many years to see just how God brought our lives together! I can honestly say that....

God knew JUST what I needed! 

With Tim being gone this week, I have found myself many times sorting through folders of pictures of our memories together. I seem to do this a lot when he has to be on business. It brings a smile to my lips and allows me to reminisce on so many fun moments, making him feel not so far away.

Life with him is never dull. He knows how to find fun in even the smallest things, making me smile & laugh everyday. I love his sense of humor and those smirks I'll catch with something we find funny together. It's those "eye catching moments" we give each other at just the right times before breaking into laughter or understanding that silent message or thought... His outlook on life is always full of optimism, and when I seem to struggle at times, he finds a way to help change my perspectives! 

He is the most patient, fun-loving man, with such a big heart to help others! I feel like I am a far better person for having him in my life... 

So, in this moment, I thought I would pull just a FEW of the 1000's of pictures I'm sure I have, and share them with you. :-)

You make my life so rich by just being in it.