Saturday, February 20, 2010

Give Anyways...

I can be very moved by music, and never know the artists in which created it. That part of music has never stuck with me, or I havent cared to remember, so having been given a bunch of music from my sister, this song started playing...
Being that it's another Saturday night, at times my mind goes to Sunday morning responsibilities- helping out with the 3-5 year old class. I wonder who will be there, what cute things will come out of their mouths, and most importantly what they will take home with them from our class. Sometimes, we have just a handful of children, and other mornings we'd have more than we sometimes feel we can handle, especially when some misbehave!
Being an assistant, I dont have to prepare a lesson plan very frequently, but there are occassions in which I have. Sometimes, I wonder, truly wonder if they get anything out of our 45 min classes. God has been faithful to remind me/ show me at times, and very recent... just how much these precious children absorb! Children that will just sit there while the rest sing about the Bible and the characters that express the Bible, and then say "Do it again, do it again!" To hear later, they take those little songs home with them and sing these songs, brings such comfort to me.
Each one, created by God, to grow up and have a desire to have a personal relationship with him, starts in the early years. As much as we still wonder what our products will be, I am reminded that he is faithful! So, as I walk into the church doors and downstairs to my little class, I will give everything that I have, and when I don't feel I have a lot to give.. I will be reminded to give anyways!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Every penny (+) counts

It amazes me those that throw away change like it has no worth ! I have to admit, there have been times when I found that change was more of a nusaince and took up "bulky" space in a wallet. For me, I don't like to carry it around for a great length of time. I'll pick the perfect combination of a couple quarters, nickels, dimes and a few pennies if needed to save from gaining LOADS of change from a transaction at the store, but other than that... I hate carrying change around. I've gotten to the place where I throw my change into a glass-like container, visible to the eye as more accumilates.
This past week, I decided seeing it was getting near the top, I would take time counting it all out. Never realized just how much time it would take to count change and place them in their designated wrappers to ship off to the bank. Fumbling around with the wrappers and my fingers for a bit, I finally seemed to get a system down which helped the process move along at a quicker pace.
In the end, if for nothing else... I've found that as quick as change accumilates, it's worth saving your pennies (+) for a rainy day!

$89.00 later