Sunday, November 8, 2009

Election Day...

November 3, 2009
Dad was up for re-election for his 3rd term as councilmen for our Princetown Town board this year. He's put in some very long hours campaigning door to door over the past several months, after his long work days, juggling family events, church, board meetings etc. So, when the scores came in that night for all that ran for election, dad won the most votes of the town people of all who ran for board positions, allowing him to serve another 4 years for our town board.
I recieved a text message from work stating the news and was overjoyed! When I think about Dad and his accomplishments for another term, I am ever so proud!!

Happy Birthday Mom :)

Just a bit behind times, but I thought I would go ahead and post some pictures anyways. With the siblings scattered to Syracuse and Cincinatti, our times we can actually all be together again are such happy times:) This occassion was for mom's 50th! Mom made it plain and clear months ago she DID NOT want a party, and continued to make it clear as time go closer just in case I had decided to go ahead with it. Mind you, I thought about it a couple times, but in the end wanted to abide by her wishes. Instead, I decided what was most important was to have the whole family together to celebrate. I decided to fly Ange home as a suprise, and boy did it turn out to be a suprise. Not only for mom but I was also able to pull it off with dad too! My plan right down to the very detail unfolded in such a way, I was estatic! :) So, that weekend prior to Mom's birthday, mom wanted to head to Glens Falls to attend the River Rats first away game for the evening. During this time, we also decided to have her birthday dinner in Glens Falls, seeing after Sunday, Ashley would have to return back to school, and we wouldnt all be together on her actual birthday. Mom was under the impression we were just going to grab some fast food prior to the game, but pulled into Outback, one of her favorite restaurants (and mine too) ;) We had such an enjoyable time that night and was sad to see it come to an end..

After Ashley left, Ange and I continued to gather gifts together, bake a cake and work long hours on a scrapbook that we had been working on for over a month. It was difficult at times communicating our ideas, shopping for pieces to themes that werent in certain stores of a given area, gathering the perfect pictures, making prints and pulling everything together for her special day. I love scapbooking, and also loved the idea of creating something mom would be able to cherish forever and in the end, was just so excited to watch her open the big red gift bag:)

It is amazing how you can be so stressed, feel under pressure and overwelmed.. at the fact that everything may not just come together in due time, but then in the end... just feel so amazed and relieved that it did. This is exactly what happened.

So, Ange was here visiting for over a week and we all had such happy times together. Miss having my siblings around, but know that when the family comes together again, we'll have some more happy times.

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