Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Flu Shots

This season, the Medical field has become a public interest/concern to so many recently with the potential changes in store, and one issue/concern having come to the floor and mandated for NYS: "Flu Shots" All around, people have so many concerns about the "mandatory" part of getting a flu shot if working in/around patients. It's not the benifit of us employees that we are to recieve this, but to protect the people around us, PATIENTS.
Over the course of my short lifetime, I would get sick occassionly, but nothing like knowing I was likely guaranteed to get it 3-4 times a season/ year and have a bad case of it. This has never been me, so I never felt the need to get an annual flu shot and was perfectly content. This all has changed this season, as we all know and listen to conversations around us. It's mandatory if we want to keep our jobs in the healthcare. Kind of jokingly, but also kinda serious.. I was weighing the idea of actually getting the shot or getting out of healthcare totally. You think I'm crazy dont you, but I have to admit, it was a passing thought. I've heard such horror stories over the years of some reactions to recieving the flu shot, and the fact of actually having flu symptoms worse than you even knew before. OF course, this wasn't for everybody. People anticipate getting their flu shot faithfully every year, and stress out knowing there would be a shortage, being in jeopary of not recieving theirs. Yea, I was never worried there.
So this year, word was made known that we all had to recieve not only a flu shot, but a H1N1 vaccine by November 30th and was far from thrilled at the idea. Going into work yesterday, people were lining up to recieve theirs, and I had decided it wasnt for me that day.. and would push it off, until I absolutely had to. Staff from day shift had recieved theirs, and evening shift coming in, were going to get theirs too. I honestly became worried at the idea and was feeling oh so pressured to get in that dreadful line by my coworkers. I felt as if I could pass out, honestly. It's crazy, I know. I have no problems giving others injections when needed, and most times dont have issues going to the doctor myself for up-to-date vaccinations when needed, but this FLU SHOT had about done me in. I gave in, just hoping for the best. All in all, things seemed fine at first... until I started coughing that evening. A dry cough ended up to be a barky cough that went right down on my chest within a short period of time, and my throat felt as if it were tightening up. I was wheezing and having to sit upright moreso than normal to feel like I was gettng adequate o2. Within a half of an hour time, I completely lost my once strong voice, and was straining for even a squeek to be heard. The staff around me became very concerned and thought I should have it checked out. As much as I was starting to feel miserable, I fought the idea knowing that Id have to go to the ER for such a silly thing (in my eyes). Now, I hope I dont step on anyones toes here, but Ive never been one to go to the doctors for a sniffle or slight cold, and waste their time. I was talking with my mother the other day and said something about... being embarrassed to do such things. Going to the doctors needs to be for serious things, not petty little things. You hear of doctors asking what the ailment is, and poeple would say, well I have a hangnail that really has been bothering me and hurts. What can be done? It's just silly, in my eyes... but that is ONLY my opinion.
So in such a short amount if time.. my condition had worsened. The supervisor of where I work had talked with me earlier in the shift, prior to getting the shot, knowing I had no symptoms and felt fine, and then was made aware of my situation after the fact and was actually pretty worried and also pushed the issue of me being seen in that dreaded ER. In my head I thought.. NO No no..! It's all so stupid, but in the end I didnt win. The RN I was working with, insisted on taking me over.. and ended up staying right there in the room with me the WHOLE time. She was my voice, for I had none.. and suprisingly knew just as much about me as I did when it came to information that was needed for registration. She acted as if she knew me for my whole life... and was such a comfort knowing she cared! We left the ER at 2:30am and headed our seperate ways.
This morning, I woke up hardly able to move. It was not only my left arm where the shot was administered, but my whole body. I felt like I had been run over by a truck, my voice was still weak, but coming back. Sore throat, chest tightness etc. All flu symptoms that I hadnt felt previous to this injection. Honeslty, it was a miserable day to say the least. I'd try to get up and do some small things, but found myself back in bed.
My day off that I look forward to so much, was spent in bed. I missed my CDCF meeting tonight that I also look forward to going to every other week etc.
And, if I ever had the choice again to get the flu shot.. it would be an absolute NO. It may all have been coincidence of getting sick, without the symptoms seen yet, but even still I think I will always say it was a reaction, regardless of what anyone says. I've talked with others that had very similar symptoms that didnt follow "the book" of reactions after their shot too.
If I thought I was worried about the regular flu shot, I can't even find words to describe how I feel about this new H1N1 vaccine that no one knows a lot about. This time, I'll have to go kicking and screaming.. hahah. Not really, for that would be silly!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

2009 Relay for Life

September 19th, 2009 was spent in Lake Placid around the Oval to support those that are fighting, have fought, and those that have lost their battles to such a dreadful illness called cancer. It was a bitter morning and evening, but a beautiful afternoon to enjoy. Family gathered in throughout the day in support of some of our own family battling cancer/ or have fought and are cancer free.
It's been 3 or 4 years now that I have been supporting this cause to fight cancer. We dont understand so many situations, and see so many suffering, but without this fight, without raising money... the possibility of finding a cure will never happen.
These are just a "dent" of the pictures I have taken during this Relay for Life...but I thought I would share them with you. Just a side note... some of the pictures that look cut off, are actually. I have the full pictures, but when using smilebox, it uses horizontal photos, and I personally like vertical ones:) So needless to say... it looks a bit tacky a times:)
Enjoy... and dont ever think it's a waste of time/ money to support such a cause!
We never know what the future holds.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Cincinnati :)

Some smilebox presentations have been put together of some of the days spent in Cincinnati with my sister and her roommate, Meg:) Mind you, I've taken 317 pictures, and surely haven't been able to make a dent in those pictures through smilebox, but thought I would share a few of our adventures:)

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Our days were filled from morning until midnight pretty much, and as busy as everything seemed to be, I was just as relaxed. It truly was a wonderful vacation and already miss being there.