Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Do you ever find yourself reminiscing...??? As of recent, I have! Not too long ago while the family was cleaning out some much needed things before company was to come, I came across some 3 1/2 inch floppy disks ( What? Yup, we still have them laying around=) ) but didn't have the foggiest idea as to what was on them. Popping one in, I found some of these scanned pics that are below reminding me of some times past. Most of these are very difficult to see, but because I'm reminiscing... they are going on here anyways.
It's definitely amazing how much time changes things, people, some friendships. We all once had so much free time compared to life today. At the snap of a finger, we made plans to get together, spent hours on the phone, met up at camps, church, school, etc. Now... most of us have gone our seperate ways- living new lives, and only hearing through a "little bug" what's going on. Some of us have stayed in contact, just not as often as we'd like. Life has become busy and sometimes complicated when it comes time to try making plans/ working around everyones' schedules.
Some of you... I haven't heard from in years, and I wonder what's changed, why the distance??
I have these moments when I think of you guys and only wish we could relive past times or at least bring things to the present. However things are, I want you to know that you've played a special part of my life, and for that I thank you.
Just because your picture isn't on here, doesn't mean you've been forgotten. It just means that I apparently haven't found your scanned pic yet. HA.

Megan Marshall & I at someone's reception.... not sure who's though.

Youth Convention activity

This was my sunday school class in '99. Back row from left: Liz Stewart ( Mosier), Victor Swint, Glenn Quintana, Tom Bowman. Front: Trisha David ( Mincer) and myself.

Amalia Stancavage ( and her married name now, I can't remember...) Mali and I went to school together and worked @ Customer Service in the mall together. She actually pulled some strings to get me in. =) Those actually were some nice times... We were each others personal psychologists too.

Kimmie Lindell on left- we also went to school together. We definitely were buddies throughout high school, and were like everyone else.. promising each other we'd never lose touch. It wasn't until just recently that we've contacted each other again.

This was a Harvest Fest @ Hallenbeck's barn near Halloween time several years ago. Liz and Trish were on either side of me.

Before a Sunday School picnic @ Thatcher's Park

Downstairs in our Junior Church... Ashley, Danielle, Ange, Liz and myself. WOW, I can't believe my "afro..." that was definitely part of times past. =)

Here we all are crunched in the back of someone's van. Left to Right: Aimee, Trisha, Latoya ( I MISS YOU..) Ange, and Jamie.

Aimee & Liz

One of the VERY first Youth camps before the banquet, Im assuming.. Danielle, Ange, Victor, Kelly and Ginny. I MISS YOU GINNY...

This was one of the few times I was up front playing the clarinet. It was such a squeeky mess=)

I believe these are some of the cousins @ our Grandparent's 40th Anniversary celebration. Ange, Donnie, Rachel, Beth and Sandy.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Saturday 1-12-07

I decided to try making an attempt to take advantage of some winter fun this past weekend with my best friend, but unfortunately due to the beautiful weather that we have been having recently, there were more puddles noticed than snow. I was in the mood to cross country ski, do some ice skating, take a horse drawn sleigh ride etc. but was unable to do everything I wanted to. Here are a few things that we did get to do.

My ice skating expertise aren't very good, and most times this is what happens to me, but I can go on record to say that I didn't fall this time. There were close calls and found myself creating a dancing show on the ice many times =)

The Rats WON 4-3 !!!!

This was my first time ever going to Apple Bee's. Their food was good, but I got too full too quick=/ This is pretty suprising seeing I hadn't eaten much all day.


I came across a recipe for an Iced Mocha Frappuccino, but dont know how it tastes. I'm thinking I might try making this and see how close it is to the real thing. If I'm impressed... I'll have my very own starbucks right here @ home. =)
  1. 1 cup Starbucks espresso coffee, cold
  2. 3/4 cup Silk Soy Milk- coffee latte flavored
  3. 1/4 cup half and half
  4. 1/3 cup chocolate sauce
  5. 2 large scoops vanilla lowfat frozen yogurt
  6. 1 package Carnation Instant Breakfast - cappuccino flavored
  7. 1/4 teaspoon salt
  8. 2 tablespoons sugar
  9. 2 1/2 cups ice

Mix in blender for 10 seconds on low then 20 seconds on high. Always put liquid ingredients in blender first. Serve in glasses that have been in freezer. Serve whipping cream on top!


Anyone addicted to Starbucks?!? It only took one taste of an Iced Mocha Frappuccino to win my heart. =) Within these past couple weeks, I have tried stopping to grab one, but for whatever reason, I end up ordering the wrong thing, and walk to my seat to enjoy it, disappointed. I don't really know how this happens.... =/. Anyways, my addiction hasn't gotten to the place that I'm there everyday, just yet... but I'm sure it will get pretty close to it, if Im not careful.

I never use to drink any sort of coffee drink when younger, due to the rumor that coffee stunts your growth. I knew I already had issues in that department, and didnt want to take the chance of it stunting my growth in the slightest bit. Now, that I realize or have accepted the fact that I'm officially done growing, I don't care. STARBUCKS here I come!
I thought for sure when Trish and I stopped last week for a drink after a couple hours of shopping and Mr. Subb, that I would be able to get my order correct this time, but once again, nope!

Gym Membership

It never hurts to get in shape and stay fit. I've realized for some time now that this would be necessary. Last year, I went hiking with my best friend @ Macomb Mountain and insisted on stopping multiple times due to feeling like I could pass out. What a work out that was and something I didnt expect, so I convinced myself that something had to be done before I attempted another one. =) I'll spare you the details of some other vital reasons as to why this membership is so important and necessarily to me.
I plan on creating a chart/graph of my progress over time, which hopefully with encourage me to continue working hard.

Stessing, etc

Ok, ok... I'm finally posting again=) I've looked back on life every once in a while and have realized how quickly time flies by. It seems like yesterday, we all were still trying to tie up the loose strings for the holidays, my sisters were both home, etc. Now, its been getting back to the "new norm" again. These past couple weeks have been very busy, but as I look over these times, I'm finding that it wasn't necessarily LARGE things that took up time, but many many small things. Work has been very stressful recently due to the higher ups thinking they need to cut staffing due to a small ratio between patients and nurses, but what they don't understand is that the few patients we have had, have been VERRRY difficult. We've needed extra help, so I say until they are in our shoes busting our butts off, they shouldn't touch the staffing.=)

Many, many errands most days, lack of sleep, trying to arrange to get together with a few people seeing everyones schedules have been so busy, last minute stresses to try getting into a much needed class, which ultimately failed because someone couldn't give right information when I originally inquired about it. Contacting the director about the situation didnt help matters either. Anyways, I'm waiting another semester and untimately feel like I'm wasting some more time. Mom has been faithful to help me see that this apparently is what was meant to be and not to try pushing open a door that has obviously closed in my face.

Friday, January 4, 2008


Hockey games are always so exciting, but can also be a time when you want to crawl under the seats. Everyone has their own way of expressing how they feel, but there are just some moments......... These moments are quickly pushed aside when our team scores and ultimately wins. I'm looking forward to attending some more games in the very near future.

Ever wish you could be someone that you weren't necessarily? Sometimes I do, especially at games. I think people misunderstand me at times for not having a good time due to sitting back not expressing much. What's wrong with just taking it all in & ultimately enjoying every moment? ........I guess this is an area in which I need to work on a bit, expressing myself more in whatever comes my way.=)

Corning Tower

These are just some snapshots from Corning Tower - 42 stories high. They say other than the buildings in NYC, this building is the next tallest. I had forgotten that I ever had been there before, so this reminded me of the field trip that was made with my government class after visiting the capitol.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

It's pretty sad sometimes when I realize how little I know about my own City/State, so much that when I was @ Corning Tower, I picked up a Travel guide to educate myself =)

New Years Day Storm

One of the many reasons of not going up North was due to the potential storm that was brewing New Year's Eve and then New Year's Day into Wednesday. A very beautiful, white scenery was observed when peering out the window that next morning. About 10 inches fell that day and another 3-6 inches fell overnight into Wednesday.

HAPPY NEW YEARS ALL... a little late. =)

Original plans were to head north for our Lake Placid tradition over New Years, but due to several different reasons, those plans came to a hault. This is now the 3rd year in a row that I've been unable to be a part of the New Year's tradition with family, and has been difficult at moments accepting this once again this year. SO.....instead, we had 23 people, a majority of them young poeple and some relatives on my Dad's side over for the evening with a large spread of food, games, and laughter. Here are some pictures to represent these moments.