Saturday, November 29, 2008

6:3 WIN!


Food, Food & More Food

Thanksgiving Day =
Food, food, & more food
The day was spent in PA at the Myers' Residence with other family.
Sparing most details.. here are a few pictures.

Yes, this was MY plate.
With little room for dessert, we held off for several hours in hopes that our delicious meal would digest quickly so we could start round 2! Most sat around visiting, one person took a little nap, while some cousins watched a movie upstairs... THEN, everything was brought out again, while we made other things to add to the spead to eat....



Give Thanks Unto God

The Sunday prior to Thanksgiving, Aunt Charolette, came up with this little craft for the children. Some of the children are young enough that even this simple activity is a challenge for them. We traced each of their hands on construtiction paper, then let them color/decorate over the trace marks before cutting their hands out in the shape of turkeys.
Written in the middle is " Give Thanks Unto God. "
Even with actual Sunday school coloring sheets every other week, the children ask Ms. Aimee to help trace their hands on their papers. It's something about the simple things in life.... with children =)


Thursday, November 27, 2008

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

'If we ever forget that we're one nation under God, then we will be a nation gone under.'
- Ronald Reagan

Friday, November 21, 2008

Is it Friday Yet?

Anyone ever ask, "Is friday here yet?" If this week wasnt bad for anyone else, I'm glad. This week, especially at work, was extremely overwelming, full of stress, late nights, lack of sleep, etc.
I hate to complain... but I dont know how it could have been any worse. This was a week that I could NOT wait until friday.
It was thursday morning, 7:30ish when I came out to meet mom after she returned from her first job. I had been restless all night(thinking about work) and mom mentioned I looked horrible. It was then that I started venting.. and believe me I vented. I DIDN'T WANT TO DO THIS ANYMORE. I stood there in the kitchen with tears running down my checks, shaking uncontrollably. Mom never fails to say.."Aimee, Momma told you there would be days like this." When I finally calmed down, mom told me to take a tylenol PM- yes at 7:30am and go back to bed. Needless to say, that day I didnt wake up until 1:15pm... just in time to grab lunch, a shower and head back in to work.
I've mentioned in previous posts that nursing is very rewarding at times, and it is... but rewards aren't always granted unless hard work and somtimes stress is involved.

Overall, even though I have my VERY bad days...I wouldn't trade nursing for anything! I just feel like it somedays... =)
So, today... Ange and I got around and headed out on the town... grabbing lunch (before Ange had to go back to work.) THEN... I started Christmas shopping. YES, I've officially started. It seems too crazy to think its almost December again. The cold weather is here and some of us have already seen snow. The multicolored lights are coming out with Christmas carols heard in the stores. Too bad it isn't even Thanksgiving yet, but even still, I've started Christmas shopping.=)
Afterwards, I came home and did some much needed....
Things seemed to get put on the back burner and I couldnt let it get any worse. This in itself drives me nuts. Then... as soon as Dad came home from work... we headed to the

where they CREAMED the other team. Very intense, but well worth it.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Tuesday night was another night of Bible Study....

We've had another faithful attendee (Trisha) that has started coming since my last Bible post, so I thought I would make an update. Her husband has come once, but since has had to work anytime we've met. The only one missing is me.. but that's ok because someone has to take the pictures. =)

I'm truly excited for what our little group has in store and the direction it is headed. We have been sharing a burden of outreach within our capital district, and our leader has officially come up with a name for our group.. "Capital District Christian Fellowship." This name incorporates a goal we all have over time to set an example throughout our Capital District by helping people less fortunate than ourselves. We're not necessarily planning on staying a small group either, but wanting to get others involved throughout the area.
Over the Thanksgiving holiday, some of us may be heading out extra early to deliver Thanksgiving dinners to those in need, setting their tables with a delicious, hot meal
so they may also celebrate Thanksgiving too. At Christmas time, we plan on taking in some families for Christmas, wrapping gifts together and distributing them to help brighten their day. These families/ young people that we choose, we also would like to become involved in their lives to ultimately help lead them to Christ when the time is right!
Help us pray that our group grows closer together while we share a burden to help others in need!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Pray For Our Nation

The Presidental Election of 2008 has offically come to a close, and without hesitation... my heart has shed some tears. Our "United States Of America" has officially been thrown to the wolves, and the "American people" are so oblivious to the fact. This is truly a moment in history, a moment I don't want to claim! How can we, as "The American People" stoop so low to offer such adoration and respect for such a individual? Where has our American dream gone to? Our Love for this country? The foundation that our forefathers built this country on?
"Our American people" (and I hate to even say this now), have slapped our forefathers, not lightly, but very strongly, with great power in the face. This action, I am not PROUD of. If only the "American People" realized how detrimental this choice will be for our future.
We, (or I) don't understand others decisions/choices /reasonings that were made for this election, but EVEN SO..... The GOD that I've been brought up to serve, to live my life by, IS UNDER CONTROL regardless of this election!!!!! He is our PAST, our PRESENT, and our FUTURE regardless of being pushed out of EVERYTHING. He WILL reign over ALL someday, and this is one hope we, as believers can hold onto!
Let us not cease to pray, but continue to pray ernestly.