Friday, March 15, 2013

My life in 3 pictures...

Sooooo... One might ask, what have I been doing these last several months? I can just see you eagerly sitting on your seats to know! ;-) These 3 pictures pretty much sums it up...:-)
"My Little Boy"
I have been teaming up with mom to help watch him while his mommy and daddy work/ go to school. I have thoroughly enjoyed every moment with him and watching him develop! My heart leaps each time I walk into a room and he catches sight of his Aunt, and giggles/jumps around. Love him so much<3 p="">
Up until recently, I had been working 12 hour shifts. Someone decided it would be great to take a picture of me, but not by my choice. I guess it at least proves that I had a job ;-)

And then.... planning for a large event. :-) Life has been very busy to say the least!


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Becky said...

Now I can sit back and relax since you're not keeping me on the edge of my seat any more. :-)