Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Best I know how...

I thought the quickest and easiest way to catch up some would be to post random pictures of times since we have started life together. :-) These do not represent near ALL the things we have done, nor the best pictures that Im sure we have. Im mainly going off of "Dropbox" photos that I took from my cell phone... as my camera isnt in operation at the moment. Apologizing in advance for the poor resolution of some of them!
Aaron & Nett along with their family was so willing to make the LONG trip out to bring my vehicle & belongings after the wedding. I cant thank them enough for this! 

During their time here we did a ton of fun things.. a cruise, visited museums, legoland, etc.
At the apartment, Emilee was occupying herself with selling tickets to all these fun places. I "bought" several of them after listening to some detailed descriptions of each and every place. What a creative imagination..

 Thanks so much Lynette for all your help while here. It was SOO nice having your family here with us.

There is this road called Sunset Blvd... which lines the coast. This place is like an attraction in itself. Like clockwork, when the sun is about to set, the cliffs are packed with people waiting to take in such a beautiful moment.
 Tim & I have been doing a lot of camping and have been enjoying our time exploring the desert! 
We have been having fun researching items and updating our camping supplies/collection.

 This being one of the things we dont use anymore...
After each trip, we try to explore a nearby town or city to see what they have to offer. 
Took this horse and buggy for a ride, visited a Gold mine, several old fashion shops, museums, etc.

Of course, we cant forget Balboa park...this place will always be near and dear to me. We've visited it several times and picnicked there.

We have created so many fun memories already. Looking forward to MANY more!


Anonymous said...

Aimee-Doo.....How I miss you! Enjoyed looking at your pictures! Its about time you updated your blog! I'm looking forward to coming to visit you and Tim next month! Just hope I don't go into a panic at the airports! I love you and miss you so much! <3
See you soon!

Love, Mom

Auntie said...

I have so enjoyed going through your pictures and everything you wrote. Aimee, it thrills me to feel your excitement. So happy for all you've seen and done and mostly for the happiness that is bubbling from you! Love you.