Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Baby Montgomery in the making ;-)

Anyone remember me mentioning that I found these at our door when I arrived home one afternoon late February or early March?  I was a bit puzzled in trying to figure out where they came from for awhile! When I finally figured it out, I contacted them to let them know of their mistake. They thanked me for my honesty, and I haven't heard from them since... So we have our first stock of Pamper wipes :-) :-)

It was April 8th when we found out that we would be starting down the path of parenthood :-) I didnt want to just blurt the news to Tim, but didn't have a real good idea otherwise. This was what I decided to do, well partially.. as when it came down to it, I just handed it to him instead:-/ I kind of feel bad about that now.

I scheduled my first appointment right away, and after a small misunderstanding when we showed up the wrong day, after a canceled appointment, we heard our baby's heartbeat for the first time on May 13th. What an emotional moment that was.. to realize a little one was REALLY inside and that it would be ours. I instantly felt blessed to be chosen to be this one's mommy!

We then made our announcement to our families the following week :-)

Since that time, I have received several cute items, and each one has brought a sense of excitement to me in preparing for this new phase of life. 

I have had several people ask how I'm feeling.... This has been something that's always worried me, pregnancy symptoms, and which ones I would have to deal with when the time came! I have to say that I have been very blessed to have very little to deal with. Most times during the day, I have had to remind myself that I was even pregnant. I really can't complain.. Now days, my growing abdomen is my reminder, but otherwise still feeling great :-) I'm 18 weeks today, and in one week from today, we hope to know the gender of our little one.. I have certainly been looking forward to this! 
So, an announcement will be made as soon as we decide how we are going to break the news to family first.. Yes, first :-)