Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Happy 32nd :-)

I've thought recently about when my parents were in their 30's, and how it seemed like forever before I would be that age, but here I am... 32 now. Where has the time gone?! These 32 years have been full of blessings, with a bit of "life challenges" in between. I can't complain though, as God has been so good to ME!
This new year is just the beginning of new things, and to start this year, we celebrated my day by going to dinner Saturday night and then had a cookout on Sunday! It was a nice evening for a cookout, so we took advantage of eating by the pool! 

Then we headed in for some cake and gifts... 

It was a great weekend!


Cheryl A Myers said...

Beautiful Happy Birthday pictures!!!! The cake looks so scrumptious! Wish I could of celebrated with you! Miss you guys so much! Love, la'madre

madad ali said...
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